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A spy phone is a usual smartphone that can be equipped with a spy app to take care of someone or something. The Spy software is completely invisible and not detectable by the user. Many people can effectively benefit from its use in certain situations such as: a cheating spouse to be unmasked*, a child to be guarded, an elder in danger, an employee or unfair business partner, personal assets and real estate to be protected etc.

The user who is about to monitor a spy phone can specifically get all those informations wich will help him to solve his problem in a short time.

In order to meet all our customers' needs, we offer a complete flexibility of monitoring duration, letting the user choose between four different types of licenses:

- 1 month license
- 3 months license
- 6 months license
- 1 year license

Anyway the user can renew the license without re-installing the app on the monitored target phone.

The spy cell phone app allows the user to:

  • listen and record all incoming or outgoing spy phone calls
  • live listen/record voice or sounds nearby the phone, even at a later time (thus working like a real spy audio transmitter)
  • read any SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook etc. message or chat session
  • view/recover the whole contact list, internet history, photo gallery etc.
  • check all softwares and programs installed on the phone
  • remotely view spyphone mobile camera
  • track the GPS phone position with a report of all events...
  • Direct access to internal or external memory (sd card), with viewing and downloading of files.
  • If you do not have access to the victim's mobile phone, we can offer the GEOLOCATION service. This service allows you to track the mobile phone, precisely throughout all European territory.


The spy phone functions are ready to be managed going on an easy-to-use web platform. Among the other things, here you can, for example, filter calls and targeted messages from or to a specific contact, schedule audio recordings or take photos by smartphone front or rear camera, save audio files to your PC for listening to them at a later time, check the connection and installed apps status using as well a phone on/off log system.

Unlike the old OFF-LINE system software running on the GSM network, which exposed the pilot number (the number used to receive all data from spy phone) to risk, the new smartphone app ensures a complete anonymity as it use the phone data connection to rely the wanted informations.

The spy program installation is very simple and manageable by anyone by sending a SMS message for starting the operation. Just a couple of minutes or less.

*WARNING! The use of a spy phone without the authorization by the person you are going to spy, constitutes an invasion of privacy, thus a criminal offense. To the extent permitted by law, the spy phones, however, have helped many families to prevent serious social problems. Any improper use contravenes the Art. 98 of italian Law, 615 bis, 617 bis of 04/08/74 Penal Code and the Art. 226 of Code of Criminal Procedure, confidentiality of privacy and interception of communications. Also contravenes the italian Law 675 of 31/12/96 concerning the collection of personal data and privacy rights.

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Spy software working on all Android smartphones and tablets.

Spy app for all iOS mobile systems, from 5.0 to the last jaibreakable version.

Spyphone software available for the most Blackberry cell phones.

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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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