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How the spy phone software works


Room monitoring

Live audio monitoring, i.e. real time listening to phone surroundings using the phone microphone, allows you to pick up any sounds nearby your spyphone actually like a spy bug audio transmitter. The person who is handling the phone will continue to quietly use it without suspicious because the monitored cell phone does not emit any sound, display blink or strange signal during the room monitoring interception.

Phone call eavesdropping

The mobile phone call eavesdropping works automatically. All incoming or outgoing calls are duly recorded and sent to an anonymous server by means of cell phone data connection. Unlike other versions or releases, our software allows the user to listen to both speaking parts thus getting a clear and direct understanding of the phone call content. All mentioned operations are completely invisible to the spy phone user, as the phone does not emit any sounds or visual signal while a call registration is in progress.

WhatsApp, Facebook, SMS interception

The SMS capture function, similarly managed too, allows the user to instantly spy on all incoming or outgoing text messages to and from the spyphone. All files are always available on the server so they can be easily achieved in a second time, till they will be automatically deleted after 90 days. In addition to text messaging, the spy phone software also provides instant messaging (WhatsApp, Facebook, etc.) without any root privileges.


GPS/GSM location tracking


The GPS/GSM function allows to get, both on demand and automatically, the geographical spy phone location by using the on board GPS antenna or the cell phone network data. You can systematically follow the real-time target movements, as well as to set up a time interval between the different location points. Please, take notice: in order to receive GPS coordinates, satellite coverage is absolutely required.


Call recording and forwarding


Using this feature you can decide, even days away, to automatically start a room audio conversation recording, choosing date, starting and recording time. No beeps are heard during the recording operation, differently from other similar software on the market. The same schedule can also be used to take pictures using directly the front/main smartphone camera.


Remote view of mobile camera


Through this function you can simultaneously or singularly activate the camera and/or the microphone of the target phone in order to get both the audio and video captured. You can also make use of "live screen" function, to see what's happening on the spyphone's display.



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Spy software working on all Android smartphones and tablets.

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