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Tech Wheel - Telepresence and videoconferencing avatar robot

Move, take part in and interact with remotely as you were exactly there

Tech-Wheel is a telepresence and videoconferencing robot which guarantees you an active participation to meetings or events although you were to any distance from the place you should be. Thanks to this robotic gem, which can be easily and completely handled remotely, you can move around and communicate freely in a physical space as you were there.

Tech-Wheel is suitable for being used in several environments, such as family framework, work place or during leisure activities: it might be used for conference calls, e-learning, job interviews, home and business security, production control, guided tours in museums or galleries, elderly care monitoring and parental control etc. Last but not least, it can be used in the health sector where it can reveal highly efficient in medical examinations and in in-patients' distance entertainment.

Let's make an example: imagine you are somewhere else, far from the business meeting you must take part in. In this case you just need to connect to Tech-Wheel via Internet in order to run around in the company hallways and you might apologize your colleagues – as slow as snails – for having overtaken them. That's right! Tech-Wheel operates as it was your personal avatar and it will always guarantee you a front-row seat where you have to or you would be.

How Tech-Wheel works

The "operative" module of Tech-Wheel uses an iPad with an integrated camera (acting as a monitor) fixed to a firm stick able to move thanks to two balanced wheels. Its lateral stability is assured by particular sensors enabling the robot to easily get round and overcome obstacles – such as electric cables, separation walls, carpet and so on. The control module consists of one more iPad allowing long-distance planning and management of device by apps shared with the operative module. The robot can be also controlled by different mobile devices or desktop devices connected to the Internet, such as iPad, iPhone, desktop web browser etc.

The device works thanks to battery and it runs for several hours.If you decide to park the robot or whether the battery is low or flat you can dock it to Tech-Dock charger, which is sold separately.

Technical features of Tech-Wheel:

  • Broadband required: 1 Mbps up/down
  • Recharging time: 2 hours approximately
  • Battery autonomy time: from 6 to 8 hours
  • Network connection: WiFi or 4G/LTE
  • Height: 120-150cm
  • 360-degree movement
  • Recharge: autonomous





Tech Dock station power recharger

Needful to park and give new energy to your robot for telepresence Tech-Wheel

The Tech-Dock* recharging module acts essentially as supporting base station for your Tech-Wheel robot, ensuring it is always full powered and ready to be used. Thus Tech-Dock is an extremely worthwhile accessory, inasmuch it can be easily "trained" to dock the robot directly from the distance.

Made of a single aluminum block, the docking-charging module also has small size (28X38x33cm), therefore it suits to be placed within limited spaces, such as a side of a closet or in a corner. The module allows to recharge simultaneously both the robot and the iPad mounted on Tech-Wheel.

Technical specifications of Tech-Dock:

  • Input: 100-240V~1.5A 47-63Hz
  • Output: 36.0V AC 2.78A
  • Size: 28X38x33cm
  • Weight: 4,5 kg

*Sold separately from Tech-Wheel.




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