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Thermal Camera

Infrared thermal camera

These thermal cameras are portable and shock-resistant.
They can produce a sharp image even in the darkest night.
Thanks to thermal cameras, security and surveillance professionals, as well as law enforcement agents, can detect suspects and monitor their activities in total darkness, through a cloud of smoke and through the bushes (if not too thick).

Our thermal cameras have a great price-quality ratio.

Thanks to them, from now on everyone will be able to afford a thermal night vision system. Price is no longer a barrier, and you no longer need to employ lower quality night vision technologies, which come at a lower price but achieve results not comparable with those of a real thermal camera.

Our cameras produce thermal graphic images with a 320x240 resolution, allowing you to appreciate even the smallest detail. Its advanced operating software will provide high image definition without any need for additional setup by the user.

ENHS-324 is equipped with a 19mm objective, which provides a 24° viewing field, with an excellent combination of result and situation awareness.
For even better performance, ENHS-324 can also be equipped with a 2X extender module, which supplies an additional 12° viewing field.
Those who need a higher visibility can choose our model ENHS-207.

Equipped with a 65mm lens, it provides a 7° view field, allowing the user to detect a human target at a distance that can reach up to 1.5 Km.

Its 2X digital zoom gives you the opportunity to enhance your view if needed. With a total weight of just over 650 grams (including batteries), H-series thermal cameras are extremely compact and light systems. They are perfect companions for open air operation, in the most diverse situations.

Equipped with IP67 protection, they can work at temperatures ranging from -20° and +60° C. They are also extremely silent, and a covered viewfinder can conceal its user, keeping him completely invisible in total darkness, where the glow of a white face might expose you.

It is also equipped with a “quick start” set, very easy to mount and operate. This quick start set is made up of a power connector and a video output port. Therefore, H-series thermal cameras can work continuously on a tripod, while their batteries are being charged thanks to the power connector. When charged, the operating time with a single charge is approximately 5 hours, on 4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries.

They can also work with normal alkaline AA batteries, or with Li-ion non rechargeable batteries, and models ENHS-324 and ENHS-307 are available in different configurations.
The standard type offers all necessary functionalities for discreet covert surveillance, to see without being seen, with all kinds of weather and in the darkest night.

Thermal camera


ENHS-324, 19mm
PAL - 8.3Hz
ENHS-324, 19mm
NTSC - 7.5Hz
ENHS-324, 19mm
PAL - 8.3Hz Pro
ENHS-324, 19mm
NTSC - 7.5Hz Pro
ENHS-307, 65mm
PAL - 8.3Hz
ENHS-307, 65mm
NTSC - 7.5Hz
ENHS-307, 65mm
PAL - 8.3Hz Pro
ENHS-307, 65mm
NTSC -7.5Hz Pro

The Pro version of ENHS-324 and ENHS-307 features useful functionalities such as:

  • Storage of images to be used as evidence:
    thermal images in JPEG format can be stored on a removable SD card, by simply pressing a key
    a 1 Gb SD card can store up to 20.000 images
  • Storage of video footage:
    by keeping a button pressed, our Pro model can record MPEG-4 format videos with a high frame rate
    an H series camera can store up to 2 hours of video on a 1 Gb SD removable memory card
  • USB2 connection:
    can be used to transfer the stored images on a PC, and to synchronize the camera and PC clock
  • Real time clock:
    adds a time and date stamp on image stills and videos
    available only on 9Hz thermal cameras
  • The thermal camera package includes:
    1 Thermal Camera unit
    1 Quick Start set
    1 User Guide in English
    1 Kit for battery charge and connection to a monitor (monitor is not included)
    4 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries

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