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physical and logical extraction from smartphones, tablets, GPS devices etc.

allowing code breaking, data decryption/acquisition/recovering, looking over hidden or even deleted files!

CELL-ANALYZER is a powerful mobile data forensic instrument that can be effectively handled to analyze, decode or acquire physical/logical data from a large number of mobile communication devices: newest smartphones, tablets, GPS trackers, oldest cell phones, mobile devices using chinese chipset etc. Equipped with a user friendly touch screen interface, it can retrieve any files even those hidden or deleted.

Since it grants so many benefits CELL-ANALYZER can be considered one of most remarkable system in supporting of investigations both in the field and in the lab, to gather evidence or start digital intelligence research according to the current forensic procedures. The device can be always taken with you as well as it can acquire even all those information which wouldn't be normally achieved by standard software extraction techniques.

A smart system meeting out many sistuations

Thanks to a smart touch screen, a simplified GUI interface and one full set of adapters allowing the device to be connected to any compatible device, CELL-ANALYZER greatly shortens time to recover and manage scanned data.

Specifically, the equipment bestows on the user to start the following operating methodologies:

  • Physical extraction also from BlackBerry working with exclusive BBM data, Bluetooth, Apps, text messages, emails, etc.
  • Widest Apple mobile devices support even if old
  • Physical extraction/decoding as well as bypassing pattern lock/password/PIN from Android devices including HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy and more...
  • Physical extraction from Nokia BB5 devices, extraction of password from the selected devices
  • File system extraction from any device supporting Windows, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Huawei and ZTE phones
  • Checking and recovering of cell phone number, IMEI and ESN device numbers
  • History of calls, audio/video files, contact phone, pictures and photos etc.

Report management and 'surgical' recovery

CELL-ANALYZER is able to generate detailed reports of all extracted and analyzed data, also prividng concise but exhaustive reading of reports in HTML, XLS, CSV or XML format. The user will be well able to save or print the obtained information so that to present them as evidence at trial. In any case the user will keep an archive of the achieved information in order to view them afterwards. Lastly a powerful search engine and the reconstruction/analysis of cell phone hexadecimal codes complete the picture of this outstanding and innovative data recovery system.

PLEASE TAKE NOTE! The extraction of files and data will not harm the device or memory of the SIM card being tested!

Using Cell Analyzer with GPS devices

Besides mobile phone data extraction, CELL-ANALYZER can also process and extract useful information even from devices normally used for GPS location: accurate position detection (including previously deleted positions), latitude/longitude of stored locations, geotagged photos visible on Google Maps etc.

Compatibility and updates

The system is subject to monthly software updates to ensure compatibility with the newest mobile phone releases. In oder words the product comes out keeping in step with the times in order to match the expectations of professionals and intelligence organizations that make use of it.

The mobile data analyzer/extractor works with the most world's leading phone operators, both in Italy and abroad, i.e. Verizon Wireless, AT & T, Sprint/Nextel, T-Mobile, Orange France, Telstra Australia and many other more.


By upgrading to the latest software version it is possible to take advantage of data recovery from Telegram chat and backup management from LG terminals.




COD. ART.:Cell-Analyzer

Why should you choose our product

  • logical data extraction from more than 3000 mobile phones
  • physical data extraction from more than 700 mobile phones and GPS devices
  • file system extraction and reconstruction from more than 900 phones and GPS devices
  • password extraction from more than 650 mobile phones
  • supports all most popular mobile device operating systems on the market, including Windows, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry etc.
  • working on a wide range of mobile phones, regardless of cell phone network operator
  • monthly software updates to ensure compatibility with the new mobile phone releases
  • data cables and connectors for all supported phones
CELL-ANALYZER is provided by Endoacustica Europe and can be used by military forces, governments, intelligence or investigative agencies all over the world!

Watch the video showing
Cell Analyzer programming interface

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Disclaimer: The customer is responsible for the knowledge of the laws that rule the use of these devices in his country.

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