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Hear through walls microphones Ė sensitive contact microphones Ė professional stethoscopes

How to hear through the wall

Wall microphones, also known as walls contact microphones, are professional devices, used for investigation and military purpose. These devices will help to intercept conversations in a confidential and safe way, without any risk of being detected. Letís have a look together to what wall or contact microphones are for and what are their components in order to understand in full all the functionalities of these great investigations devices. There is a huge demand of professional stethoscopes to listen to conversations through the ceiling or the wall of a room.

What are wall or contact microphones for?

A wall microphone is used to intercept sounds by sensors in direct contact with walls or ceilings of thickness up to 70 cm. A contact microphone consists of a microphone capsule, a diaphragm transducing sound vibrations into audio signals, a voice processor and a pre amplifier. An earphone or a digital voice recorder can be connected to the audio output. Our wall microphones are able to detect all noises, including the faintest ones, providing a clear and stable sound. These investigation devices have a very good value for money.

Wall microphones and stethoscopes at Endoacustica Ė Types and prices

Instead of making a wall microphone on your own, buy an entry level one in order to get good safety and performances. Contact Endoacustica Europe. On our product catalogue you can find several types of wall microphones and wall of floor stethoscopes. Letís have a look together to prices and specific features of these investigation devices. Click on details to open the product datasheet with the detailed description of microphones available at Endoacustica.

check Standard contact microphones

This device has a very good value for money. Itís suitable for beginners in investigation. It allows you to listen and detect clear and stable sounds. Itís equipped with outputs for voice recorders and earphones and has a good sensitivity. They are designed to detect all noises, including the faintest, through thin walls. Please note that the contact microphone and the amplifier can be assembled in one device.

check Professional microphones or wall stethoscopes

State-of-the-art wall microphones. The stereo stethoscope allows you to secretly listen through solid structures like walls, wide roofs, windows, doors and floors. This device is very efficient thanks to two high sensitivity sensors detecting faint vibrations generated by sound waves. The stereo amplifier amplifies the faint sound waves and that can be listened with earphones or live for recording. This is an important advantage.
By using this device, the smallest sound vibrations detected by sensors are amplified (high amplification of bass sounds), so that even faint sounds can be heard.
The automatic selection of the threshold frequencies of amplification levels and microphones, ensures the best fine tuning basing on the operating conditions

check Wall microphones with pin sensor

This microphone is equipped with a high sensitivity pin sensor or needle sensor that is to be inserted inside the wall and ensures very high performances.

check Wireless transmitter Contact stethoscope

Itís a special quartz stabilized stethoscope contact bug for audio surveillance through walls, glasses, windows, etc. The contact stethoscope bug is integrated inside a metal body and equipped with a battery-powered external sliding flexible antenna for quick replacement. Listening is by RF transmission (WFM).


Professional wall microphone stethoscope

Special microphone stethoscope for audio monitoring through wall, ceiling etc. Its piezoceramic converter-based external sensors are designed in non-separable metal housings...
MM-STE   dettagli


Professional Stereo stethoscope amplifier

The stereo stethoscope amplifier is used in connection with provided impact sound sensors. The device enables perception and recording of analogue audio signals...
ENSTV-2   dettagli


Ultrasensitive wall probe microphone, through walls listening device

Ultra sensitive professional microphone, suitable to pick up the lowest noises thanks to its very high sensitivity. Equipped with biauricular stethoscope earphone, telephonic pick-up and pinhole probe microphone. Endowed with sockets for recorder...
MMS-M66   dettagli


Professional digital stereo stethoscope able to listen through walls


A Professional Stereo digital stethoscope to listen through walls is the best choice when you need to hear through the walls...

ENGT-18   dettagli


Stethoscope audio transmitter

This audio transmitter can be also placed on window glass! Singular crystal controlled stethoscope audio transmitter for audio monitoring through wall, ceiling, glasses...
UHF-STE   dettagli


Good quality basic wall microphone

Standard wall microphone, good quality/price ratio. Suits beginners. Limpid and stable sound. Endowed with sockets for recorder and earpiece. Technical data: Power: 9V (006P/6F22/6LR61) x 1, battery life about 60 hrs Weight: 110g (battery included)...
MMS-33   dettagli


Stereo contact microphone

Ultra sensitive professional stereo microphone, suitable to pick up the lowest noises thanks to its very high sensitivity. The contact microphone and amplifier are assembled in the sole body. Limpid and stable sound. Endowed with sockets for recorder and earpiece...
MMS-ST   dettagli