Cookie Policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of data that are stored and used by your browser to improve the performance while visiting a a website. They can be set for example to facilitate the reopening of a page, or get anonymous information for statistics etc. However, cookies do not store any user’s information.

Are cookies viruses or malicious programs?

Not at all. Cookies are only data saved as text in the form “variable=value” (example: “DataAccessSite=2015-01-12,11: 50: 22”). This data can only be read by the site that has created them. In many cases they have an expiry date, after which the browser will automatically delete them.

Managing Cookies

Every browser allows you to customize the way the cookies will be stored. You can decide, for example, to delete them after each browsing session, disable all or store them for a certain period of time. Some browsers also allow anonymous navigation, or accept cookies before deleting them definitely at the end of a page session view.

Not all cookies are used for the same purpose. Here are some kind of cookies used by this site:

Required cookies

These cookies are essential to navigate within the site. Without them, some services may not function properly.

Performance cookies (Google Analytics)

These cookies collect data in an anonymous way, in order to figure out how visitors are using a website. These type of services can be provided by external companies for analysis and statistics purposes (third-party cookies). Our site uses Google Analytics cookies to detect information on user’s navigation (including your anonymous IP address). By using our site you agree the storage of Google cookies on your device.

Functional cookies

Cookies allow you to retrieve the choices made by the user (eg. the display of a language) as well as to provide other advanced features available. By using our website you agree to the storage of these cookies on your device.