Buying a bug transmitter on Amazon without knowing where it is from? Actually it is not a good idea!

“You know what? I bought this spy bug on Amazon, but now I am not able to make it work!” This is a typical comment submitted on Amazon or Ebay after having recklessly purchased the product in question. Actually we have been saying that for long time: before buying any …

KA-101: a full audio monitoring kit fitted with spy bug, receiver and micro recorder

Are you on the fence about the audio monitoring device to be used in your investigation? Well, KA-101 is just the device you need! Not only because it makes a combined use of bug transmitter, RF receiver and mini recorder, but also because it is more affordable than other devices …

Which video bugs are better to use in investigation?

Do you think audio bugs are the only surveillance devices to be used for monitoring rooms or any other environment? If so you’re barking up the wrong tree, because over time investigative technology has increasingly developed UMTS or WiFI video bugs, proved to be very effective in undercovered or remote …

Economic dependence and cheating: a study reveals a possible correlation

A few years ago, on the site of ASA (American Sociological Association) was written up an article concerning a possible correlation between economic dependence on one’s partner and a large number of cheating cases. In the article, the US sociologist Christin L. Munsch, a researcher who spent a long time …

Microregistratori digitali

Investigations: is it better to use a spy bug transmitter or a micro recorder?

marzo 14, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

According to our survey about audio surveillance systems, many investigators and security operators have showed more interest in voice recorders rather than bug transmitters. At first glance, it would seem that a bug, working on radiofrequency or GSM network, is less valuable than a recorder. Not to mention those surveillance operators who still stuck on the rosy notion that a bug transmitter must necessarily concern only few specific investigational needs. But is it really like that? Let’s see below what are the benefits of using both devices in your investigations.

The unquestionable application qualities of a bug

When we talk of bugs, the first question that comes to our mind is: how to put it on long time charge? You know, one of the most common problems raised by bug users are linked to power supply, especially if the device must be used for many days straight. In fact, it is not always possible to retrieve the transmitter for changing batteries. So in such cases it would be usually best to connect the bug to the mains directly, so that you will not have to worry anymore about duration time. What are the main advantages of an audio bug? Well, first of all the immediacy of results, I mean the ability to get audio information in real time, as well as miniaturization or unlimited use from any distance when it comes to GSM bug working on mobile network.

The incredible functional versatility of a micro recorder

Now let’s go to analyze the basic advantages of a micro recorder. The main use of a voice recorder to be used in investigative fields is as known the collection of evidence for the defence. Anyway this is not the only reason why it is such demanded: think for example of its ease of concealment, its ability to start voice activation recordings automatically or by calendar, to say nothing of its very low battery consumption. In fact, some micro recorders can be connected to batteries so to allow even up to 45 days of recordings!

Hence from our excursus comes out a rather variegated picture of the two devices, although the issue tips the balance in favour of the recording devices. So how to behave? Is it still worthwhile using a radio bug or a GSM bug? Of course yes! As those investigators who follow us probably know, bug transmitters are substantially different from micro-recorders in their scope. In that case there’s nothing to do but reiterate: if your goal is to immediately start investigating, or you are miles away from your target, well, a GSM bug is fit for purpose!

Finally, for those who are looking for a system owning both a bug and a recorder, we report this kit which provides both functions in a single unit.

Are you also a victim of micro-cheating? Let’s find out!


Do you believe you won’t never be affected by cheating? Do not blindly trust your emotional control efforts! Cause in the past you might have put in place some micro-cheating behavioural actions, without even knowing it.

The question raised on the net some months ago thanks to an interview released to Daily Mail on line journal by the australian psychologist Melanie Schilling, who put a spotlight on the word “micro-cheating”, although actually the term has been taken into consideration by Urban Dictionary since years. Anyway there under the voice “micro-cheating” we read: “Small acts considered disloyal within a relationship, nothing too serious but not innocent either”.

In short, according to the australian scientist, we should actually focus on ourselves to avoid micro-cheating actions caused by the spread of new technologies, especially social network e.g. chatting with other users, sharing online games, making advances on someone by posting explicit content etc. In short, she wanted to underline all those behaviors that somehow could lead to infidelity.

But let’s see how to get out of the phenomena by treating this new sort of psychological “disease” so as not to be overwhelmed by it. The word to consider in this case is always the same: honesty. Whether toward yourself, i.e. avoiding to engage in compromising behaviors whenever possible, either toward your partner, if you instead have made up your mind to make your intentions clear. And what about those victims who are gripped by doubt? Well, in this case you can also rely on private investigator services or use some surveillance devices that, even if ineffective in healing you from your psychological wound, are actually helpful to show you things from another perspective.

Would you like to record audio or video from a distance? Try using an over IP WiFi module!

febbraio 28, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

As many of you already know a professional A/V kit equipped with an IP micro camera is able to live monitor in an effective way rooms, vehicles or people from any distance, and simply work by using the Internet. Not only. It can also manage all functions remotely and be easily hidden everywhere.

Just only these own features would be enough to guarantee you a certain degree of reliability and security in audio and video surveillance, as well as to further you to purchase this device instead of other more cumbersome or complicated equipments doing the same job. Moreover, thanks to the newest remote video surveillance miniaturized devices, it is also possible to combine the practical aspects of a micro recorder with the advantages of an A/V over IP monitoring system, ensuring more effectiveness in remote audio-video investigations. In fact, the IP-WEB transmission/registration module allows you to do all this avoiding you to use any other additional devices or peripherals.

The over IP WiFi transmission/recording system we are referring to, is a small sized device totally manageable from any distance. It also provides a motion detection function for starting A/V recordings on target movements. Moreover, it is possible to monitor the micro-camera both from a PC and from a mobile phone, thanks to a user-friendly app. If you add to this the fact that the module is also able to work 24 hours on 24 in full autonomy when powered by the mains, without any user intervention, you will realize you have in your hands a really complete spy device as well as an effective equipment to start secret investigations when needed!

Main features of IP Web WiFi module:

  • Very small camera, easy to conceal
  • Advanced H.264 video compression tech
  • Possibility of recording by means of motion detection, manual or scheduled
  • Easy to set up the wireless network, video, alarms and stored files on micro SD card (up to 32GB)
  • Totally manageable also from your smartphone
  • Knowles microphone
  • Direct point-to-point connection (P2P)
  • High powered wireless connection
  • Supporting up to more simultaneous users
  • Possibility of viewing/recording/managing multiple cameras via pc

If you want to get more details, take a look at this page.

Cryptocurrency: beware of mobile security threats!

febbraio 14, 2018 Countersurveillance No Commenti

The past year has been one of the worst ever affected by mobile piracy, especially in financial and cryptocurrency fields. Well, no wonder, cause the creation of new financial products is often accompanied by frauding behaviour.

A new survey can help us understand the emerging “cybercrime” phenomenon

According to a survey involving 410 participants (mostly security managers) conducted by Check Point Software Technology, a leader company in cybersecurity market, in the last year 2 companies out of 10 have been hit by hacker attacks of some kind against smartphones or other mobile communication systems. Not only. More than half of the respondents have been forced themselves to admit to being aware of the preponderance of data theft risk from mobile devices compared to desktop or laptop systems. A 60% of them have also raised doubts about the effectiveness of their security systems in preventing this kind of threat, either due to lack of budget or to not actually experienced personnel. In principle it has been emerged the need to use security tools, as well as more financial resources and qualified personnel to eradicate mobile hacking phenomena once and for all.

Cryptocurrency. Mobile security is not properly its strength!

Let’s go back to talking about the sectors most affected by cybercrime, namely financial and cryptocurrency in particular. Well, on January 26 of this year, the japanese cryptocurrency exchange platform, Coincheck, revealed to the world they had been robbed of 523 million in NEM by hackers. This says a lot about dangers deriving from the incautious use of smartphones and tablets used in this kind of operations, aren’t you agree?

Don’t be concerned, the solution is at your fingertips

In order to low the risk of data theft from mobile devices, we have developed some encrypted smartphones for avoiding mobile hacking also in financial field. In particular Crypto CP-500 and Zimmermann Mobile have been proved to be effective in preventing fraud exploits coming along the management of cryptocurrency wallets, besides to ensure secure calls and messages. Put simply, we are finally in presence of two very effective devices, able to provide a total protection against the most common threats in mobile data theft.

Professional spy bugs: why it is important to rely on top expert surveillance companies

febbraio 2, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

The ultimate european statistics linked to online commerce are very encouraging. In fact, the revenue of global ecommerce for the past year is around 600 billion euros (24 billion only in Italy!), with an overall increase of almost 15% more of the previous year.

Nonetheless, in this idyllic digital universe studded with e-stores and online products, there is a flaw that, if not properly dammed, can belittle the efforts of those who over the years have made of quality their own battle horse. That’s right, companies with a certain proven reputability are suddenly forced to compete with a lot of newborn realities, most of them endowed of low value assessment and poor product quality.

This trend shows an emerging danger in the sale of electronic surveillance devices. In this specific commercial field, in fact, companies are exposed to the verification of certain technical / commercial skills, first of all a deep product knowledge, quality control and uncommon communication skills. The professional spy bug sales sector, for example, requires a particular approach to customerhip because of its connection with unusual and tricky realities, well known to a top expert surveillance company.

Regarding quality parameters, here are the main characteristics of reliability that a professional spy bug should absolutely have:

  • materials fitting the environment in which it is going to operate
  • optimal audio (or video) reception quality
  • targeted and personalized use
  • small size and ease of concealment
  • long-term operation
  • guarantee of success into investigative strategies

As well as it is important that the vendor can provide a full service assistance, especially of post-assistance, in order to be sure that the client is using the device in a correct way. For e.g. it is essential to determine together whith client which product meets his needs, following him in the early stages of installation, or be ready to solve any request or difficulty found. In some cases, the mentioned request can also be asked at impossible times.

Well, it’s time to go on drawing up a list of which professional bugs are mostly used and their related advantages:

  • GSM/UMTS spy bug: a GSM bug works on mobile network, so it has the advantage of being ‘heard’ from any distance through a simple phone call. A UMTS bug, instead, can additionally capture video if necessary
  • digital radiofrequency/WFM UHF spy bug: this kind of transmitter is very small and work interfaced with a receiver to listen within the bug range. Greater power corresponds to greater listening distance
  • WiFi micro-camera: although this kind of device does not belong to the narrow circle of real bugs, it allows you to have a continuous connection (via smartphone or PC) in order to remotely control any environment

In short, commercializing GSM, UHF, WiFi, etc. professional bugs it’s not for everyone. We need people able to put in place a peculiar approach to sale, or a type of intervention aimed at customers, that most of companies you can see at a glance in search engine results may rarely offer!

DVR ALL IN ONE: a spy recording system that beats competition

gennaio 31, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

Among all concealable audio-video recording systems on the market, DVR ALL IN ONE is probably the device which better meets the professionals’ needs, as well as those ones of private people who deal with deferred A/V monitoring opertions. This principally because of its small size, allowing the concealment without problem, and battery life that ensures audio and video recording for 22 hours at a stretch.

Why you should prefer DVR ALL IN ONE to other A/V recording systems

As you have seen, the functionalities of this mini DVR are extremely newsworthy. Add to this the fact that it can quietly work as an audio-only recorder system providing WAVE file format, because of the possibility to deactivate its own camera, and you will realize you have in your hands the right solution for cutting down most common problems verifiable in environmental investigation field.

The overall recording capacity of this device is over 35 hours for audio-only recordings and 22 hours for combined audio-video recordings. The device, actually already convenient in terms of price, is coming out with a further discount of over 30% lately promoted by the manufacturer! What more could you ask for?

Technical Specification

  • Device body dimensions: about 5x2cm
  • Thickness: less than 1cm
  • Camera: color
  • Camera dimension: about 0,5 x 0,5cm
  • Power supply: Rechargeable 3.7V lithium polymer battery
  • Charging voltage: 5 volt (USB)
  • Storage: MicroSD card slot (MicroSD not included)
  • Video format: AVI encoding
  • Video resolution: 1280 x 960 – 720 x 480 pixel VGA
  • Frame-rate video: 25 fps (tempo reale)
  • Picture format: JPG
  • Image resolution: 1600 x 1200 pixel (2 megapixel)
  • PC Connection: USB (using a supplied cable)
  • Compatibility: Windows/Mac OS
  • USB drivers : Plug and Play

High power UHF digital audio monitoring system: the choice of professionals!

gennaio 16, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

Among all audio monitoring systems equipped with UHF digital bug, the high power wireless transmitter receiver kit DIGI-UHF stands out for its innovative features linked to radio frequency listening from the distance. This amazing transmitting/receiving kit is commercialized with two kind of transmitters, DIGI12-UHF (400m range) and DIGI100-UHF (range over 1000m), and allows to provide specific solutions in long distance listening operations. DIGI100-UHF version, for example, ensures remote listening even from over 1km away, without loss of signal quality. Moreover, due to transmitter thickness and minimum encumbrance, it can be practically hidden everywhere!

In essence, the DIGI-UHF wireless audio monitoring kit can provide new effectiveness to those new tools which are going to be used by the next generation investigators and law enforcement agents. Not only for its own technical basic features, but also for its peculiar ability to immunize itself from those systems used in radio frequency bug transmitter detection, thanks mostly to effective FHSS modulated digital encryption.

Additionally to the fundamental signal reception work on radio frequency, the 8-channel digital receiver equipped with LCD display, allows the user to setup some parameters related to sampling, transmission channels, etc., without needing to use other hardware interfaces/software. As well you can insert a MicroSD Card into receiver to store all audio recorded files. In this case it’s possible to use the receiver as a true deferred recording system, very helpful when it is not possible to start monitoring in real time.

What else? Well, imagining ourselves in the shoes of an investigator or a cop, we can bet in any case it would be worth doing just a little thought!

Here you can find all technical details of product.

How to eavesdrop from a distance with a GSM bug transmitter

gennaio 10, 2018 Surveillance No Commenti

One of the most interesting features of audio GSM bug transmitters is basically the ability to eavesdrop room sounds or voices from any distance without the use of a receiver. You only need to call the SIM number inserted in the device in order to activate it.

Said that we are going now to talk about the NANO-BUG, one of the latest spy GSM bug so much requested by many investigative agencies. This awesome voice activated GSM spy bug is a very sensitive, compact and easy to use audio transmitter equipped with internal rechargeable battery. Its size is only 31x31x10mm (naked) and can be used for remote listening to room or other places. Unlike many classic cheaper bugs, this professional spy tramsmitter uses a powerful DSP digital audio processor able to work independently to reduce noise or echo, as well as to control the microphone preamplification or other parameters improving listening in general.

Another interesting feature which also promises to be an excellent investment in terms of time is Voice Activation System (VAS). This latter feature allows the bug to call the number to be heard only when it is needed, that is when it detects sounds having acoustic levels above a certain threshold. Anyway this function can  be activated or deactivated at will, by means of a simple SMS configuration command to the bug. Furthermore its knowles digital microphone, vey sensitive, can capture sounds even when audio source is 15 meters away from the bug!

Definitely NANO-BUG is a very respectable quad-band GSM bug, suitable to be used anywhere without distance limits.


Why to choose a radiofrequency audio bug?

dicembre 22, 2017 Surveillance No Commenti

Before going on to list the advantages of a radio frequency bug, compared to a common GSM bug, we would like to focus on the differences between the two types of transmitters. Thus we will do it by linking ourselves to our business experience saying: radio bugs will continue to have a great importance on the spy market also in the next years. Why?

Because radio bugs come up to a lot of expectations!

A RF bug transmitter has a wider audio spectrum than a GSM bug, as this latter device is closely linked to mobile bandwidth. A radiofrequency bug has clearly superior audio quality. Actually it can be used in many application fields, thanks to its small size suited to concealment, as well as can work H24 on battery. Futhermore it can be installed even in places with low or even absent GSM signal.

Within radiofrequency system categories we can distinguish two types of signal modulation: analog and digital. This latter one can make the user able to set some kind of parameters, such as output power, starting-up at preset times or days as well as the ability to become completely invisible to many bug sweeping systems. Actually the only limit is listening distance, as it is directly addicted to the signal strength or the receiver used.

How to choose a professional RF bug transmitter

On the market there are several radio bugs models ensuring a perfect interaction under a lot of installation circumstances: bugs working by battery or directly powered from the mains, wave conveyed transmitters working by cable transmission, as well as some digital bugs used in under cover operations or hard places.

Here below you can find an abstract showing the principle features of spy bug transmitters:


Well, said that, you did certainly realize that an absolute solution doesn’t exist. We can only suggest you to choose a bug transmitter that best fits your purposes or modus operandi.

How many people use encrypted apps? New reports from US research studies

novembre 24, 2017 Self Defence, Technology No Commenti

Although encrypted messaging is well-known and taken into account everywhere, there is a remarkable number of people who still perseveres to ignore the huge contribution of this kind of softwares to mobile security. In order to make things clearer, past year some researchers from Google and Carnegie Mellon Univeristy in Pittsburgh presented a study at the Symposium On Usable Privacy and Security (SOUPS) which held every year in Santa Clara, California. The research results showed that nearly 7% of the more than 1,500 surveyed people used to employ apps in such a way that actually wasn’t safe. This means that security app value is definitely underrated!

But even more incredible is the fact that the most of asked people adduced they made use of encrypted apps because their friends or relatives did the same, not indeed for securing their messages! Not surprisingly, the most-used apps, such as Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, or till a few months ago even WhatsApp, do not use end-to-end messaging encryption at all. Anyway it’s time to admit we’re still so far behind a full mobile security awareness.

Nevertheless nowaday there are specific mobile devices that allow a complete and automatic usage of encrypted apps without any user intervention, such as the so called encrypted cell phones which provide a total protection when it comes to communicate or use web browser, social networks, messaging platforms etc. Not only, some of the above mentioned devices are also able to protect the user against mobile phone eavesdropping or privacy breakdown. So if you are really concerned about your mobile communications as well as disdained about the ignorance that turns around these powerful protection tools, why do not try to consider using an encrypted mobile phone? It will be surely worth to attain your full mobile phone security!


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