Movie shooting from above and aerial surveillance thanks to SARAH

Movie shooting from above and aerial surveillance thanks to SARAH

Aerial Surveillance? Don’t be afraid, we are not talking about a very tall woman named Sarah, but rather about an unmanned helicopter manufactured by Flying-Cam, one of the giants in its field, and which goes by the acronym SARAH, that stands for Special Aerial Response Autonomous Helicopter.

Flying-Cam III E SARAH is part of the UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) family, that is, small remote-controlled helicopters and planes, used to take aerial views and snapshots that are transmitted via radio, and are widely used in the military field for reconnaissance and target acquiring operations.

How aerial surveillance used in movies?

This particular model, besides being also useful in the aerial video surveillance field, is mostly suitable for civilian operations in the movie business, one of Flying-Cam’s specialties as they have provided such equipment for many a Hollywood blockbuster.

Specifically, we are talking about a model that is not fully autonomous, but presenting some characteristics and features which make it very user-friendly; for example, it sports several navigation, autopilot and positioning systems which allow for an automatic route programming. Also, its modular platform can house a wide variety of payloads, and be used to host video recording systems or radio transmitting cameras.

With such a setup, it can be used both to shoot video footage for movies, which is stored on a video recorder mounted on the UAV, or gather intelligence images which are transmitted in real time to a ground station, which in turn analyzes the data and extracts the necessary information.

SARAH is also capable of taking night shots thanks to its infrared sensor which makes it perfect also for night aerial surveillance of sensitive targets. With a total weight of just 25 Kgs, SARAH is the complete package for any type of aerial imaging task.