Spy earpieces keep you in touch with the other side of the world, in real time

Spy earpieces keep you in touch with the other side of the world, in real time

Spy Earpieces? When dealing with business negotiations, two of the key factors are confidentiality and velocity of circulation of the information within a closed circle of people, in order to make sure that decisions are made quickly and with a full knowledge of the contexts and situations. Sometimes though, one may happen to need to circulate this information even outside this closed circle of people, and this must be done in an extremely discreet way.

This is exactly what happened to one of our clients, a company operating in the corporate acquisitions field. During a decisive meeting for an international negotiation, the managers of the company needed to know the subject discussed in real time. The meeting, though, had been marked as extremely confidential, with no possibility of contact with the outside world, to make sure that no prying ears, especially from fierce competitors, could hear anything and somehow interfere.

What are Spy earpieces?

At this point, technology comes into the picture: they asked for our advice, and the person who was going abroad to join this important meeting was equipped with a wireless spy earpieces, hidden inside his ear canal, and connected via Bluetooth to a GSM watch.

This watch contains a SIM card just like the one of a normal mobile phone, and an embedded microphone. Thanks to its Bluetooth wireless earpiece connection with the , this system makes it possible to communicate with a distant third party listener in any part of the world, by means of a simple telephone call towards the SIM card’s number.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection between GSM Watch and its invisible spy earpieces, the outgoing signal is transmitted via the phone line towards a distant listener, while the incoming signal (the voice of the distant person) is transmitted directly to the earpiece, thus enabling its user to transmit information and receive comments and instructions, in real time and in an absolutely discreet and invisible way, while the people around him are completely unaware of what is going on.

In short, for those who are sitting in their office, thousand miles away from the place of negotiation, it will be like being there, but without being noticed. This kind of solution can also be applicable in several other fields, like for example public political debates, when a technical or scientific subject is being discussed, and the deputy or congressman may not have a specific background in this field; therefore he may need a real-time specialized consulting from a remotely connected expert.

In the case we were following, the manager went to the meeting with his foreign counterparts, well equipped with his invisible earphone spy watch duly hidden inside his ears, and with a on his wrist. By gently pushing a button, he discreetly connected himself with his colleagues, several time zones away.

The negotiation went on for a few hours and was successfully brought to a conclusion, also thanks to the possibility of sending real time information to the head office, and of receiving instructions concerning the stand to be taken, thanks to their miniature spy earpiece. Of course, after a few hours of overseas phone conversation, the mobile phone bill was severely affected, but since the deal had been closed successfully, our clients were more than happy to pay it!