Micro earpieces: stay in touch at any time

Micro earpieces: stay in touch at any time

In the field of surveillance and not only, using the micro earpieces can often make the difference between success and failure.

A miniature earpiece, thanks to its extremely small size, can easily be placed inside the ear canal of its user, and remain unnoticed even after a thorough body check or inspection. In spite of its tiny size, it is equipped with high level technology, which includes a miniature battery, an antenna and a small loudspeaker, in order to make sure that its user can receive information and instructions sent from a remote operator.

In a few words, we are talking about a micro sized FM receiver, which can be connected via Bluetooth to other devices such as for example a GSM watch, in order to create a complete system for discreet transmission and receiving, even at unlimited distance, since the GSM watch is equipped with a SIM card concealed inside, just like your every day mobile phone, and thanks to this card it can transmit the intelligence gathered, in real time and with a simple phone call.

What actually micro earpieces do?

Micro earpieces, furthermore, can be used to stay in constant communication with groups of people carrying out operations on a large area, such as workers on a construction site, rescue squads in large scale operations, and even with police agents during their struggle against crime, to avoid raising unnecessary attention while staying in touch.

Generally, a micro earpiece is equipped with a Zinc-Air type battery, with a very low energy consumption allowing for a power time ranging between 15 and 30 hours of operation. Furthermore, the earpiece can automatically switch to standby mode when it does not receive any communication for a certain amount of time, thus further reducing energy consumption while making it more difficult to detect for counter surveillance equipment.

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