Telephone eavesdropping is now available for everyone

Telephone eavesdropping is now available for everyone

GSM Interception Kit is a new thing in the market. When talking about telephone eavesdropping, the image that comes to mind is that of a secret agent sitting in a dark room, concentrated on listening the telecommunications around him thanks to complicated and expensive machines.

A similar scenario is now available for pretty much everyone, thanks to the increasing user-friendliness of the technology used for mobile phone bugging, which can now be easily housed inside a device just a tad bigger than your average home computer.

How GSM Interception Kit works?

The GSM Interception Kit is a passive eavesdropping system, with a concept not much different from radio scanners. While the latter inspect the radio frequencies band in search of transmission, this GSM interception device does basically the same, but on GSM networks, either encrypted or non encrypted.

By operating on the different transmission bands, of 900 and 1800 MHz, used by GSM networks, this device is capable not only of intercepting calls, but also to display the caller telephone number, as well as all identification and authentication numbers of the intercepted handset, which can then be stored for a tailored eavesdropping operation. Intercepted calls are saved as audio files, making it easy to use them at a later stage, for example as evidence before a court of law if needed

GSM Interception Kit has an operating range of approximately 500 meters, and is capable of working in a completely invisible way, unnoticed by the GSM OpertorĀ  Therefore, law enforcement agencies which need to monitor activities in a dangerous neighborhood, or are trying to track down dangerous criminals by knowing in which area they are hiding, can use this modern system to intercept their phone calls and finally put their hands on them.

In a similar fashion, individual citizens, for example managers of large plants, may be able to keep under control all phone activities in their work area.

To obtain more information on this mobile phone interception device, as well as many other tools for security and struggle against crime, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website.

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