Spy recording equipment

Spy recording equipment

Spy Recording Equipment? Not only for secret agents, police and secret traders, the usage of electronic miniature devices to secretly record conversations and phone calls is now widespread in many other fields, thanks to the ever decreasing price of this kind of spy recording equipment, which makes it affordable for almost everyone.

How spy recording equipment is affordable these days?

And this means that devices which were born as a tool for spies and secret agents, are now being used also for leisure or for professional reasons, for example to record a live concert, a public speech, or just to save notes from a company meeting or even to take quick audio notes on the go.

Miniature digital recorders come in small sizes, as the name goes. But on top of that, they can also come in a variety of shapes and appearances, which can not be immediately recognized as an audio recording device. For example, who could ever think that what looks like a car key or remote control, a watch, a pen, a lipstick or even a USB drive, is actually a micro digital recorder?

They also come with different characteristics, for example such as voice activation system, which makes sure that the recording operation is started only when it is really necessary, for example when a noise or a voice is picked up by the sensor. By doing this, the storage space on the micro recorder would be used at its best, without pauses and, most of all, without any danger of missing out on important information.

Capacity and characteristics may vary depending on the specific purpose for which your digital audio recorder is going to be used, but with their extreme versatility, anyone may need a miniature recorder, from a student to a secret agent!