Yamaha to launch its first series of internal earpieces

Yamaha to launch its first series of internal earpieces

Yamaha to launch yamaha micro earpieces? The Japanese giant Yamaha has just announced the commercial launch of its first micro earpieces, to be placed inside the ear, designed for the music players market, but with an eye that looks to the professional market as well.

For Yamaha, it is the first approach towards this kind of market, and the step is taken with three different models of micro earpieces: the basic model EPH-20 has a diameter of approximately 1.1 centimeters, while other models EPH-30 and EPH-50 have a diameter of respectively 9 and 13 millimeters.

What would be the prices of Yamaha micro earpieces?

Their retail price can range from 20 dollars for EPH-20, up to 100 dollars that you would need to bring home a EPH-50 model, ideal also for a professional use, thanks to its sturdiness and to its 0.25” jack adaptor, which would allow you to use it also on your home stereo set.

Of course, these models cater to a clientele which is mostly using earphones for leisure or for listening to music on the go. Despite the good quality, these earpieces could not possible be used in our specific field, as audio surveillance operations or intelligence gathering require that the person carrying them out use a wireless invisible earpiece.

This kind of earphones is placed inside the ear canal, and while being completely invisible to the outside, they are capable of transmitting and receiving sounds at an unlimited distance, thanks to a Bluetooth connection with a GSM Watch kit, that is, a normal watch which on the inside conceals a SIM card just like the one of your mobile phone, which allows for a completely invisible phone connection with a distant listener, who will be able to give real-time instructions, listening to what is happening around the watch and earpiece wearer, without others being aware.