A mobile phone controlled camera to keep your pets under control

A mobile phone controlled camera to keep your pets under control

Phone Controlled Camera? Many of us, and in particular those who have a dog or a cat at home, may be worried that, during their absence on a working day, their little friend might end up in trouble or cause some small (or big!) accident in the house, because of the curious and playful nature that makes us love our four-legged friends so much.

To meet this kind of needs, the latest novelty comes, needless to say, from Japan, a country where the love for pets goes together with that for technological innovation. In fact, the Japanese factory SoftBank has just launched on the market its Mimamori, a remote monitoring system which allows its users to see in real time what is going on at home, and to do it comfortably on their cellphone (of course, for those who have a video call-enabled handset and provider).

Phone Controlled Camera to keep an eye on pets

The Controlled camera is mounted inside a small dome, which vaguely resembles the R2D2 robot character from the Star Wars movies; the viewer can move within a range of just 35 degrees to the left or right, tilt 40 degrees upwards and 5 degrees down. By placing Mimamori in a corner, you should easily be able to cover an entire room with ease.

By sending a simple SMS from your cellphone, Mimamori will immediately take a snapshot, and send it right away back as a reply to your message. Also, its motion sensor allows it to automatically take pictures whenever it detects something, like for example a dog or a cat, within its operating range; the embedded Micro SD memory card allows for saving of the image stills, which can then be downloaded on your PC..

The price of this small Japan-made video camera has not been disclosed yet, therefore we will have to wait until September, when it is scheduled for launch on the Japanese market.