Mini waterproof video recorder, for amateur divers or spies

Mini waterproof video recorder, for amateur divers or spies

When you travel to a white tropical sandy beach for your holidays, you may want to save those unforgettable moments, especially during a dive among the millions of colorful fish that swim in those waters, or during a swim in the crystal clear sea.

To do all this, you do not need complicated, bulky and expensive machinery, if you have with you a small waterproof video recorder, simple, lightweight and handy, which will allow you to tape your dives without even noticing that you are carrying it.

In fact, it is a small device, cylindrical in shape and with extremely tiny size (less than 7 cm length and approximately 2 in diameter), which can be easily strapped to the side of your diving or swimming goggles, to record video footage from the diver’s point of view, giving your viewers the impression that they are really there with you while you are swimming.

Recording can be started (and stopped) very simply, with a single button, and once you get out of the water you can easily connect it to your PC with a USB cable, and download your movies, so that you can maybe post them to Facebook or YouTube and make your friends go mad, especially if they are at home or in the office while you are relaxing.

Of course, the waterproof video recorder, which can go up to 10 meters deep and is resistant not only to saltwater but also to corrosion caused by human sweat, has a wide range of other possible applications, for example for reconnaissance or surveillance in rivers or lakes, to record images which may be useful for law enforcement during an underwater search and rescue operation.

These are just small examples, but thanks to its flexibility and ease of use and its small size, the only limit, apart from video storage capacity (4 Gb which can be expanded up to 6) is your fantasy!

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