Spy DVR Glasses

Spy DVR Glasses

Spy DVR Glasses? How many times did we wish that we could record the images passing before our eyes, either for leisure (like an evening out with friends) or for work 8for example on a confidential meeting) and that we could do it while the people around us are unaware? Certainly most of us would have wanted to do this a million times, but this is not always possible, for practical reasons, and also because of the cost.

Now, thanks to the increasing miniaturization (and decreasing prices) of video technology, this is possible thanks to spy glasses. These spy glasses are nothing else than a normal pair of glasses, with a slightly 60’s feel to their frame; inside the frame, they conceal a miniature camera with microphone, and an equally small video recording system.

How Spy DVR Glasses are better than other devices?

Thanks to the camera viewer placed right between the eyes in a spy dvr glasses, you will be able to record exactly what you are seeing in real time, and save it all (up to a maximum capacity of 4 Gb) on a micro SD memory card.
Its usage is very simple, the applications are virtually unlimited, be it hidden recordings or normal video shooting.

For example, you can start recording during a motorcycle ride to shoot POV videos; or you can use it to play trick on your friends and shoot candid camera videos.

Of course, along with a leisurely use, it also has a professional side. In fact, thanks to the fact that the camera is concealed inside a pair of glasses, this recording system can be used to take discreet footage of evidence or compromising events, by law enforcement agents against criminals, or by private detectives in cases of corporate espionage, infidelity suspicions and a lot more.

For more information on how the spy dvr glasses work, along with an extensive catalogue of devices for discreet audio and video recording, you can visit the Endoacustica website.