Spy phones, the alternative to bugs

Spy phones, the alternative to bugs

Spy phones? Aside from the latest political developments in Italy, according to which the Government seems to be busy fighting telephone wiretapping, by complicating the regulations that rule the usage of listening bugs, using hidden microphones is in any case not always easy for the police, and they must always have an alternative available to be able to listen to the conversations involving the subjects under control.

Now, although the legislative journey of what has been nicknamed “gag bill” seems to be likely to end up nowhere, there are still several alternatives to bugs on the surveillance devices market, at least looking at the matter from a strictly operational point of view.

For example, the most complete and flexible surveillance method is beyond doubt the Spy Phone, which gives the opportunity to listen to the target’s conversations in real time, wherever he goes, without being noticed.

How the spy phones help?

Thanks to a spy cellphone it is possible not only to listen to phone calls in real time, but also to listen to all text messages, incoming and outgoing, as well as recording conversations when you cannot listen to them on the spot; for some phone models, it is also possible to receive geographical coordinates of the current location, in order to track down at any time the whereabouts of the target who, unaware, keeps using his cellphone without being able to know that he is being bugged.

All this and more is possible thanks to the installation, on most phone models currently on the market, of a spy app  software, installed in an absolutely invisible way and impossible to detect even for the savviest of users.

This software can be installed in seconds: just wait for your subject to go to toilet or so for a few seconds and the trick is done. Once installed, the spy software is programmed to notify you automatically, as soon as the phone starts a conversation, by sending you an SMS towards a preset number, for example your mobile number.

Once you receive that SMS, you can join the conversation and listen to it in real time, without being noticed and being able to collect all the information you need. Along with real time listening, it is also possible to listen to calls at a later stage, thanks to the call recording function. The conversation is saved as an audio file and sent to you buy email, that you will be able to easily download on your computer and listen to later.

Among other spy mobile phone features, it is worth mentioning, along with the possibility to receive a copy of all incoming and outgoing messages, also the function, active on all GPS-enabled cellphones, to receive in real time the geographical coordinates of your subject’s current location.

All functions can be activated or disabled remotely, by simply sending an SMS, written in a simple particular format, with operating instructions. The spy software will intercept this message and, without displaying it on the mobile phone’s screen, it will just execute the instructions it contains.

But what makes the spy phones absolutely unique is the possibility to use it just like a normal listening bug, using its microphone to listen to the conversations around it, and to be able to do it even while the phone is turned off or while the battery is removed! All you have to do is call from the preset number and you will be able to listen in, without the phone giving out any sign of activity like a glowing display or so.

For more details on how spy phones are working, we recommend that you visit the Endoacustica website.