A weapon that causes debate: Taser, the electric gun.

A weapon that causes debate: Taser, the electric gun.

Whether men or women you can use Taser gun, crime never pays, and to prove there is this video showing a woman thief who enters a subway restaurant and tries to steal the takings. Movements are those of a professional thief: bringing a weapon, she jumps over the counter, opens the cash register and, just as she takes the money, she is reached by an electric discharge sent by an employee of the restaurant through a Taser gun. As you can see from the video, the electric Taser gun makes her fall to the ground before she can use a weapon.

As a way to stop robberies and assaults this type of weapon has raised debate in the U.S. for months, especially after a particular event, which could ban its from the police. Just a few months ago, Malika Brooks has sued three police officers in Seattle who had used the electric weapon against her when she was seven months pregnant. The woman was pulled over going 32 miles per hour in a 20 mph zone. She took the ticket but refused to sign it because it would have been an admission of guilt, that she felt he did not have.

Why Is Taser Gun Controversial

It was then that the first agent asked her if she knew what a Taser is and, when she said no and that she needed to go to the toilet the police, after consultation, decided, however, to use the gun, pointing to thigh, dragging the woman on the sidewalk and cuffed her.

The manufacturer of the electric weapon warns against the use of Taser on pregnant women because of potential damage to the fetus but, fortunately, Brooks’ daughter was born healthy. However, the woman sued the officers for excessive use of force and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals last fall in San Francisco ruled that the officers had actually exaggerated.

This is just one of the many cases that should make us think more about the use of these weapons that areĀ  not fatal, but in certain cases may cause damage to health. The question arises whether it would be better, alternatively, to use self-defense sprays such as those already widely used, or as those which contain a type of ink, able to stain the face of the attacker for easy recognition.