A gun that launches rings of smoke to ward off attackers … and much more!

A gun that launches rings of smoke to ward off attackers … and much more!

Inspired by children’s toy guns that launch smoke rings, Battelle, a U.S. Company from Columbus, Ohio, has made a real electrical smoke gun┬ácapable of launching several rings of gaseous substances or an electrical charge.

What Is The Electrical Smoke Gun?

According to the researchers, this electrical smoke gun is able to launch these rings at a distance of nearly 46 meters and a speed of about 145 kilometers per hour. The gaseous rings, fired with a sort of gust of wind could be used in several occasions: for a rescue operation by firefighters, for example. In these particular circumstances, in order to save lives, it would be useful to create a smoke-free corridor in the room. This gun would be able to do just that: the rings of electric charge can move the smoke emitted at the bottom, creating a passage for rescue workers.

Now, imagine also the use the police could do of this gun in very crowded places during big events that require a lot of men for surveillance and defense. In addition to the usual anti-aggression spray in the electrical smoke gun, they might use this weapon, perhaps loaded with tear gas or stinging substance, to obscure the view of the aggressors and catch them without problems.
Another use of this gun could be to employ it for spreading pesticides or insecticides in cases where it would be good to maintain a certain distance, such as, for example, in the case you need to rid a place of bees.

This device that, it should be remembered, is a real weapon, is inevitably raising the question about whether to possess and use it for purposes of self defense you will need to have special permits. The weapon, in fact, may be as harmless as dangerous, depending on the type of rings launched and, above all, on the people who use it. Meanwhile, scientists are for the registration of their patent. We await further developments.

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