Which hidden cameras are better to use in investigation?

Which hidden cameras are better to use in investigation?

Do you think audio bugs are the only surveillance devices to be used for monitoring rooms or any other environment? If so you’re barking up the wrong tree, because over time investigative technology has increasingly developed 4G or WiFI video bugs, proved to be very effective in undercovered or remote surveillance.

Although it may seem trivial, an audio-video spy bug will have a huge head start in when compared to audio-only bug transmitter, as this latter also allows to capture photos and videos. Except in those cases which need particular audio quality and duration requirements.

Let’s take a look at the main advantages of using UMTS or WiFi video bugs as well as which devices are better to use in such particular cases:

Advantages of Using Video Bugs

UMTS hidden cameras: those kind of video devices allow an immediate overview of the environment to be monitored. They also ensures low battery consumption and do not require a high-speed Adsl or Wifi connection. Thus they have been found a successful way in disguised body worn operations or to monitor moving object such as vehicles etc. In such circumstances we recommend using the UMTS Falcon video bug because of its real-time effectiveness in mobile network video transmission, in addition to audio quality.

WiFi video bugs: unlike UMTS bugs those kind of video transmitters need WiFi connection, even though they have a higher video quality, small size, the possibility of registering for long periods of time as well the availability to be monitored via server both from PC and smartphone. One of the best WiFI bugs available on the market is the Spy camera IP web, equipped with an IP CMOS 3,7mm 600TVL micro camera for taking full HD videos.