iLocate 2023: The Advanced Mini Tracker Revolutionizing Tracking!

iLocate 2023: The Advanced Mini Tracker Revolutionizing Tracking!

Design and Size of the Mini Tracker iLocate

An ultra-compact mini tracker, impresses with its small size: only 4.5 mm thick and 17 mm in diameter. This feature makes it almost invisible and easy to conceal, adding great value in terms of discretion and versatility.

Innovative Technology of the Mini Tracker

Unlike common tracking devices that rely on GPS, the mini tracker iLocate uses alternative technologies like Bluetooth, connecting to a proprietary server. This approach ensures high precision in localization and greater security.

Key Features of iLocate Mini Tracker

  • Key-Finder Function: The mini tracker uses Bluetooth to precisely locate iLocate within a range of 8 to 50 meters.
  • Independence from GPS: This mini tracker does not depend on GPS, ensuring functionality even where GPS is unreliable.
  • Stealth Mode: Designed to be undetectable by common spy device detectors.
  • Integrated Buzzer: The Buzzer facilitates locating the mini tracker when it is at a short distance.

Versatile Applications of the Mini Tracker

The iLocate mini tracker finds application in various contexts. Thanks to its small size, it can be hidden in clothing accessories, customized garments, and even in everyday objects, making it ideal for discreet monitoring of people or valuable items.

Intuitive Management via App

Managing iLocate is done through a dedicated mobile app, offering a user-friendly interface and advanced features for complete real-time control.

Flexible Subscription Plans

The iLocate mini tracker is offered with various subscription plans, both semi-annual and annual, adapting to different monitoring needs and budgets.

Professional Concealment Service

For those needing more discreet integration, Endoacustica Europe offers an exclusive service for concealing the mini tracker, ensuring that iLocate is optimally inserted in any object.

Practical Applications of iLocate: A Case of Investigation

The Concealment of iLocate in Action

One of the most intriguing applications of iLocate is in the field of investigation. To illustrate its effectiveness, let’s consider the case of a private investigator tasked with following a suspected unfaithful husband. The goal was to gather tangible evidence of his activities without being detected.

The Investigator’s Mission

The investigator knew the subject would be dining at a particular restaurant that evening. The approach had to be discreet and precise. This is where iLocate came into play. With its small size and ease of concealment, iLocate was ideal for this mission.

The Ingenious Strategy

While the subject was dining, the investigator took advantage of the moment when the man’s jacket was hanging on a coat rack near the restaurant’s entrance. With a quick movement, almost invisible to others, the investigator attached iLocate to the jacket’s inner lining using a small piece of velcro. This action, executed with discretion and precision, was crucial for the success of the operation.

Real-Time Tracking

Once activated, iLocate began transmitting the subject’s position in real-time to the investigator through the dedicated app on his smartphone. This allowed him to remotely follow the husband without the risk of being discovered. Thanks to iLocate’s Bluetooth technology, the investigator could monitor every movement precisely.

The Result

The evening ended with the subject going to a secluded place. The investigator, thanks to the tracking provided by iLocate, managed to reach the right place at the right time, collecting the photographic evidence needed to confirm his client’s suspicions.


This case demonstrates not only the versatility and effectiveness of iLocate in real scenarios but also how it can be an invaluable resource for professionals in the security and investigation field. The ability to conceal the device so discreetly opens new frontiers in monitoring and surveillance, proving that iLocate is much more than just a tracking device.

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