Mobile Phone Eavesdropping

Mobile Phone Eavesdropping

Mobile Phone Eavesdropping? To secretly listen to someone’s phone conversations, you do not need to be spies or millionaires, as today’s advancement gives everyone the chance to use devices of a high technological level and low cost, as well as easy to use even for those who are not professionals in the espionage field.

You do not need high-priced complicated machinery, as the best system for mobile phone eavesdropping, the easiest one and the one that guarantees a higher privacy level, is the mobile phone itself!

In fact, thanks to the use of a spy mobile phone, you will not waste energies, as your best friend will be the very phone of the person under control, thanks to the installation of a small spy software on the handset.

How Mobile Phone Eavesdropping work?

This software, completely invisible to the Spy Phone’s user, allows a third party listener to keep an eye on the activities of the handset on which it is installed, and most of all to listen in real time both to phone and environmental conversations, even while the phone is turned off!

If you doubt your spouse’s fidelity, if you think that your son is hanging around with bad companies, if you fear that your business partner or an employee are in cahoots with competitors, a spy mobile phone can reassure you.

Its software can be installed in seconds on most of the modern mobile phones using the Symbian operating system, and once it is installed you will be able to operate it remotely by simply sending a text message from your phone, whose number you will have configured as controlling number during the installation. When sending an SMS from this number, the spy software will intercept it and read it as an operating instruction, without displaying it on the mobile phone screen.

Communication between you and the spy handset is always taking place via SMS: when the phone is engaged in a call, you will receive an alert message, showing the counterpart number, and all you have to do is call the Spy Phone, and you will listen in real time without being noticed. Furthermore, all sent and received SMS will automatically be copied to you, always showing the other party’s number.

By sending a particular text message, you will receive a list of messages or calls, both incoming and outgoing, with a timestamp. For phones equipped with GPS positioning system, you will also be able to receive geographical coordinates of the phone’s current location. These functions, for example, may prove very useful in a complicated divorce lawsuit involving infidelity.

But what makes the spy phone unique is certainly the possibility to use the microphone like a covert listening device, to listen to conversations taking place around it. Thanks to this function, you can call at any time, and you will be able to listen to conversations within 5 meters, picked up by the microphone. This function is active also when the phone is off, when your subject feels safe and talks freely, revealing all his secrets to you.

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