Anti fraud credit cards, with keypad and display

Anti fraud credit cards, with keypad and display

Anti Fraud Credit Cards? A new generation of credit cards is being presented during the Cartes exhibition, currently taking place in Paris, and showcasing the latest technologies and developments in the Digital Security field.

The anti fraud credit card, manufactured by Emue Technologies, has the same size of your normal card, but on the inside it contains a battery with an expected life of around 3 years, which powers a processor, a numeric keypad and an E-Ink 12-digit display.

How anti fraud credit cards help?

When the cardholder is about to close an online purchase deal, thanks to the numeric keypad he will be able to authenticate the transaction, entering the relevant information and a one-time automatically generated PIN which is shown on the display. This technology has been developed in close cooperation with Visa, to provide a solution for fighting online credit card fraud and usage of clone cards, and is suitable not only for online purchases, but also for those carried out via iPhone applications.

The one-time PIN code has a limited life (generally a few minutes), which makes hackers’ and credit card thieves’ job useless, as they generally are able to obtain only the credit card number, name of the cardholder and CVC 3-digit security code. This information will not be enough to validate transactions carried out via this new card, and actual use will only be possible for those who not only get a hold of the card, but also have the relevant access codes.

Currently, the solution provided by Emue is being tested by some banks in Switzerland, France, Italy and the UK, and in the future it could become the defining standard for security of our credit cards when used online.