Mini voice recorder

Mini voice recorder

Mini Voice Recorder? Thanks to the ever-increasing miniaturization in size of technological devices, items that a few years ago would have been used only at home took to the streets and to our offices and became faithful travel companions during our weekend trips or in any leisurely occasion.

A typical example is applicable to mini voice recorders. Once, we were using bulky cassette recorders, which certainly did not have maneuverability as one of their main features, to tape from the radio, from a record or live. Nowadays, the recording is no longer stored on a cassette, but rather saved in an audio file inside extremely small memory cards with enormous storage capacity (up to 32 Gb).

How mini voice recorder is a market changer?

At the same time, the modern digital recorders have dramatically shrunk their size. They can be as small as a cigarette pack or as your car’s remote control, and in spite of their size still be able to record, through high-sensitivity miniature microphones, an extremely clear sound, with an operating time of hundreds of hours.

On the marketplace, you can find several types of digital recorders, as small as a cigarette pack and suitable for several applications: for concerts or leisure, to take quick notes on the go while stuck in a traffic jam, or while participating in a conference or meeting. A micro digital recorder of smaller size, just like a credit card, can instead be suitable for covert recordings, surveillance or espionage operations, or for law enforcement gathering evidence against suspects or criminals.

In a few words, a micro audio recorder can be used in a whole lot of different ways. if you want to know more and to find the right model  for your needs, just visit the Endoacustica site!