Invisible earpieces, for the secret agent in each one of us

Invisible earpieces, for the secret agent in each one of us

Invisible Earpieces? Micro earpieces equipped with Bluetooth are now so small that they can easily be placed in their users’ ear canal, in order to guarantee invisible communication through any Bluetooth mobile phone or a radio.

A spy earphone is a passive type of magnet, which receives the audio signal via a transceiver placed on a bracelet or a necklace, or simply hidden in the front pocket of your jacket.

Most of these earpieces are equipped with an equally small microphone, which can be concealed in the clothes you are wearing, in order to pick up the sounds around it and transmit them via radio to a distant listener.

How these invisible earpieces connect?

The listener with the invisible earpieces can be even on the other side of the world, if the earpiece and the microphone are teamed up with a GSM watch, that, is, a device which at a first sight looks like a normal watch (and works as such) but conceals a SIM card, just like the one of your ordinary cellphones, on the inside.

Thanks to the Bluetooth connection among different elements of the system, any sounds picked up by the hidden microphone can be transmitted via phone, and in the same fashion you can discreetly and invisibly receive information and instructions, directly on your earpiece.

Thanks to it, agents on a covert mission, police forces in an operation against crime, but even university students struggling with an exam, can stay in touch with a distant listener, who along with being able to hear in real time what goes on, will also be able to provide useful directions, information or news to achieve success of your operation, be it the hunt for a criminal or a tough exam.

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