Listen to the Caller before answering the call

Listen to the Caller before answering the call

Can a Caller ID system save lives? Yes it can “Come on. We are actually giving them supply order at much lower rate. Actually market rate is too high… no firm is ready to supply at these prices.

But then, who cares! Once we stuck a deal with them, let them suffer loses and go to hell, if they want… Ha! Ha! Ha!”

Mr. Foster was astonished to hear that conversation on the caller ID system. It turned out to be warning for him before he could actually finalise the deal. This morning when he saw the other firm’s number on his caller ID panel, he was happy that he was pushing forward his business.

Mr. Foster had set up cemented bricks manufacturing firm a year ago. He was a new entrant in this field but did market research before jumping into the business. He started getting enough orders, but was looking for a deal with a major construction company, so that orders get flowing continuously. So he was ready to supply brick to this firm at reduced rate in order to earn goodwill and establish long association.

But, it seems that the motive was different at the other end. Mr. Foster knew how to reply. It saved him a lot of trouble and possible loss from the deal.

How to listen to the caller ID system before answering the call?

He thanked Simul-Tel, a Caller Listening Identification System. This small device enables to listen to voice or comments of the caller before actually answering the call. Surprised? Well that’s the expertise of Endoacustica Europe, a technology firm with spy listening and monitoring solutions.

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