How to turn a mobile phone into a bug

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One of those actions that we take automatically and without thinking, such as turning off our mobile phone, is basically just like hanging a “Do Not Disturb” sign outside a hotel door when we want to sleep a bit more, and allows us not to be disturbed by people we do not really want to talk right now, enjoy a bit of privacy or maybe just take a short nap.

Along with all this, switching off their mobile phone might mean, for those who have something to hide, that they can talk about their private business, without worries or fear to be disturbed by prying ears… or not?

If the person in question is unaware that he is actually using a spy cellphone, the answer to this question is indeed a no. In fact, modern surveillance technology allows you to turn almost any phone equipped with Symbian operating system, into a full package for remote long distance surveillance.

Thanks to the installation of a spy software, it is in fact possible to keep constantly under control the person to monitor, listen to their conversations in real time as soon as a call is placed or received, receive on your cellphone a copy of all incoming and outgoing text messages; furthermore, for mobile phone models equipped with GPS navigation system, you can also receive geographical coordinates of its position, so as to know at any time where it is.

But certainly, the most interesting function featured by Spy Phone is certainly the one that allows to use your spy handset as if it were a real bugging device, just like the ones you see in spy movies, to listen not to incoming or outgoing phone calls, but rather to conversations taking place around it.

To do this, the spy software secretly installed on your spyphone uses the handset’s microphone to pick up sounds and voices within a range of approximately 5 meters. Just call from your normal cellphone, whose number has been stored as monitoring phone upon installation, and something amazing and unexpected will happen.

In fact, by calling from this number, the phone will not ring, nor will the phone call leave a record in the phone activity history, but instead, it will answer automatically, allowing the person at the other end to listen to what is happening around the handset, until the moment when the phone user places or receives a call; in that case, in fact, secret listening will be automatically be interrupted and the spy phone will turn into a normal mobile.

It is also possible to use the environmental listening mode when the mobile phone is turned off! In fact, it is exactly in these moments that those who fear that they are being bugged feel secure, believing that they are really safe from prying ears. Instead, if they are using a spy telephone, this is the moment when their privacy is running the highest risk.

When the spy handset is turned off, all you have to do is call from the controlling number, and even though in theory it should not be possible to talk, the spy software will give green light to your call, without giving out any visible sign of activity, and of course arising no suspicion in the person under surveillance.

If you want to know more about how spy cellphones are working, we advise you to visit the Endoacustica site, and request support from our experts, who will certainly be able to find the right option for your needs.

How a Spy Phone works

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Nokia Spy

For those who do not happen to be experts of surveillance technology, the term spy phone may bring to their mind stories from a movie, with complicated secret agent machinery used to follow their targets basically anywhere.

The truth is actually very different, as a spy cellphone, even after more than a glance, on the outside looks exactly like your everyday mobile handset; and even by going through all its functionalities and features, you would not be able to see its true colors. In fact, the surveillance activity is carried out by a spy software, installed in an absolutely invisible way inside your mobile phone’s processor.

Thanks to this software, a third party listener will be able to keep in constant touch with the user of the handset under surveillance, and the latter would not be able to figure it out in any way.

All his conversations, both incoming and outgoing, will be listened to, from any distance; any text message sent or received can be comfortably read right on your cellphone; you will be able to listen to the conversations and sounds taking place around the spy phone, simply by dialing its number, even while it is turned off; And for cellphone models equipped with GPS positioning system, you will also be able to know in real time the geographical coordinates of your subject’s position.

All these functions, thanks to its invisible software, are carried out in an equally discreet fashion, without giving out any sign of activity like a ringtone, the glowing of its screen, the sound of an incoming text message and so on, and without leaving any trace in the phone activity history, which also means that no unnecessary suspicion could be raised.

The person who is remotely monitoring the spy phone can send commands by SMS to enable or disable its features and functions, to receive an activity report, a list of calls placed and received, or a list of all text messages both incoming and outgoing. These SMS messages, written in a particular easy format, are intercepted by the spy software and read as operating instructions, therefore they are not displayed on the screen.

Furthermore, always by sending a text message, it is now possible to activate the new recording function, to save conversations or eavesdropped conversations. By doing this, you will be able to record any call through the spy software, and the relevant audio file can be later sent, with another command, directly on your cellphone or your mailbox, via GPRS, Bluetooth or e-mail.

Like that, you will be able to use any compromising conversation as evidence before a court of law, to solve a child custody litigation, or a divorce, or even as a support for law enforcement to gather evidence against criminals or suspects.

In a few words, inside your ordinary cellphone you can conceal a valuable tool for complete surveillance. For more information on spy phones and how they work, you can visit the Endoacustica website and request more info.

Your MiFi hotspot might reveal your whereabouts

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MiFi cards, or hotspots, normally used to share your 3G Internet connection on a wireless network, are certainly a very useful device for those who need to be connected at any time, no matter where they are.

Unfortunately though, sharing your network connection, aside from providing a useful service to other Internet users, might be a very high risk operation as far as your security, and the privacy of your data, is concerned, as it may lead to sharing some information that should instead be kept strictly private.

For those who living in the United States and who use hotspots manufactured and marketed my big providers such as Verizon and Sprint, the risk lies in a flaw which has been identified by some hackers, and which might lead people with malicious intentions to get to know the GPS coordinates of your position, while you are sitting checking your email, completely unaware.

Of course, this kind of attack requires a certain technical knowledge, but the dangerous part is that it can take place without password or key authentication, while the user has no idea of what is going on right before his eyes. On top of that, it looks like it is possible to download system configuration information, including private information stored in a non encrypted way on your computer.

On the other side of the fence, law enforcement might effectively use this tool to pinpoint dangerous criminals thanks to their Internet connection, follow their movements, gather evidence on their whereabouts and track them down when necessary.

To cut a long story short, if you have something to hide, or if you fear that your private information might end up in the wrong hands, from now on be very careful when you are connected to a wireless network!

Augmented reality can make our driving safer

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Just a couple of days ago we mentioned how usage of augmented reality can help you to repair your car or to carry out highly skilled tasks. Today we would like to demonstrate how this technology can make our roads safer, allowing car drivers to see vehicles or obstacles coming from behind a curve or a building.

This system, which is being developed by a group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, merges two video feeds shot by two different surveillance cameras into one feed, giving the illusion of being able to see through a wall thanks to its processor, which matches common points from the two cameras. By identifying these spots, the software changes the video perspective to make it compatible with the driver’s view.

The resulting feed would then be displayed on the car’s windscreen, giving the realistic impression of seeing through a wall. Images to create this impression would be picked up by a video processor which can capture feeds from security cameras that you can literally find on every street corner in our cities.

In the future, should its usage become common, it might even capture images from other cars driving nearby and using the same system, but of course, at the current stage, this is just a speculation, as development and planning of such a software carries along a wide range of obstacles to overcome before we can really see it mounted on our cars.

For now, we can only see this new augmented reality application, which has been presented at the ISMAR fair in Florida, in the demo that you can see in the video above. And who knows, maybe one day we will really be able to use it!

Optical fibers to see through a wall

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Being able to see without being seen is one of mankind’s great dreams, and the principle on which our work in the information gathering and surveillance field is based; this work is of course supported by technology, and when it comes to seeing without being noticed, even a thick wall is no obstacle if the right devices are on our side.

For example, optical fibers are greatly useful in this respect, because they have great capabilities within a space that can be as thin and long as a hair, but much more resistant; thanks to these capabilities, devices such as, for example, a fiberscope, can be used as if they were hidden cameras, by simply digging a hole and squeezing its tiny cable (just 5mm wide) inside it.

At one end of the cable, the fiberscope has a miniature viewer, which allows its user to examine an environment without being noticed, as well as using the fiberscope to inspect hidden corners such as home pipes or the engine of a car.

Other optical fibre devices which can find applications in the surveillance field are, for examples, fiberscopes which allow you to see through a ceiling thanks to their cable which is just 2.5 mm thin, or small monoculars which, if placed on the peephole of a door, can show you what is going on behind the door and inside the apartment.

This kind of device is very useful in intelligence gathering and surveillance, for example when law enforcement agents are chasing a suspect who takes a room in a hotel. In this case, they will just have to take a room next to his, plug a hole in the wall (of course while he is away!) and place the fiberscope inside it, if possible connecting it to a micro digital video recorder in order to store any footage captured and use it as evidence. Simple, huh?

Hope against Alzheimer disease can come from the eyes

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Alzheimer’s disease, the terrible and subtle illness which slowly kills brain cells, is currently incurable. The population affected by this disease worldwide amounts to approximately 30 million people, but will reach a 100 million peak within the next 40 years.

In the last few days, some therapies and options have been made public, which might help cure the disease, slow down its process and, hopefully, prevent its development.
For example, a simple and cheap eye test might help diagnose the illness in its early stages, while a cocktail of common use medicines might improve our memory and its response in fighting the subtle Alzheimer, which hurts patients not only in their bodies but also in their pride, hampering their personal relations with their peers.

The research carried out by London University College has shown how a common eye checkup may help measuring in real time the speed at which brain cells are degrading, by simply measuring the same speed on retinal cells.
In fact, the retina is a direct extension of the brain, and the health of our retinal cells is proportional to that of brain cells; therefore with a simple visit to out optician, we will be able to obtain answers to a broad range of question on our conditions, and will also be able to provide an accurate diagnosis in due time to cure neurodegenerative diseases.

Death of nerve cells is a key factor in studying this kind of diseases, and so far it was not possible to measure its velocity in real time. Thanks to this technique, doctors will be able to follow and observe it at any given time, without complicated and expensive tests, and by diagnosing the disease in its early stages, it will be possible to try and reverse it, and measure the effect of therapies in real time.

Use augmented reality to repair your car

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Modern cars have become less and less easy to repair, even for the savviest driver, because of the high technological contents and the huge amount of computerized systems installed, which make our mechanic’s job look more and more like a software programmer’s.

Fortunately, it is the very technology that makes our cars increasingly complicated (but much safer) that lends us a hand when it comes to fixing them, thanks to the usage of augmented reality.
In fact, researchers from Columbia University have created a system called ARMAR (Augmented Reality for Maintenance and Repair).

The system consists of a helmet similar to those used in virtual reality based videogames, which would display virtual images on top of the real ones, according to the augmented reality principle. The graphics are controlled through a mobile phone equipped with Android operating system.

In short, the system is guiding its user towards the damaged area, and by displaying 3D animations, it guides him step by step towards solving the problem. It has recently been successfully tested by the US Marine Corps on an armored turret, and repair time was cut by 50% compared to a normal manual job.

In the future, should this device enter the commercial vehicles market, it might be a real breakthrough, and allow almost all car drivers and users to take a shot at repairing their own car.

In the latest years, augmented reality is being used in an increasing number of applications: generally it is used to add details to satellite maps, or for leisurely purposes. ARMAR is one of the first systems to use augmented reality to carry out a specific and specialized task, and might me a spearhead towards introducing this technology in production and maintenance of complex systems.

The advantage lies in the fact that, along with solving the problem, ARMAR also teaches him how to do it, so one day, augmented reality might even chance educational programs in our schools…

A micro camera hidden inside a cap

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Miniaturization of video technologies allows us to have micro video recorders with an embedded camera, so small that they can be concealed inside objects that we use every day, such as watches, pens, or even car key holders.

In this case, what at a first glance might be mistaken for a key holder is actually the remote control of our micro camera, as the recorder is concealed inside a baseball cap, and what looks like normal holes on top of the shade are actually concealing a tiny video camera and an equally small microphone.

It is a device for amateur use, powered by a rechargeable battery and capable of recording footage with a 640×480 resolution at 27 frames per second, storing it on a built-in 4 Gb memory card. By pressing any button on the remote control, the cap will slightly vibrate in response.

The characteristics of this micro recorder make it more suitable for a young audience, as it can be used in leisurely occasions, for example to shoot movies during a ride on a bicycle or a motorcycle, from the rider’s point of view, or to tape a university lesson instead of taking notes, to be able to review it later at home.

The fact that it is targeted to non-professional users is also reflected on price, as it would set you back a mere 55 dollars, a price range non comparable to digital micro recorders designed for professional use, aimed at surveillance and gathering of evidence to be used before a court of law.

Protection from eavesdropping

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When the information which is being circulated on our workplace is confidential, and when getting to know it might mean an advantage position and a substantial financial gain, one must make sure that all necessary measures are taken to make sure that our words are not being listened to by prying ears, who might have planted some hidden microphones and bugged our office.

For this reason, it might certainly be useful to address yourselves to a bug sweeping expert who, by using the appropriate systems for detection of covert listening devices, can reveal a threat that could otherwise be invisible.

In order to identify a hidden transmitter, these detection systems flood the area with radio waves, and can thus detect radio transmission sources hidden in the less accessible corners of our working room, for example in the back of a drawer, behind a pot of flowers, or even inside objects of everyday use, such as for example table calculators, key rings and fountain pens.

The most advanced bug sweeping systems can detect not only bugs or microphones, but also hidden video cameras or sources of Bluetooth or WiFi transmission. When you are searching for hidden transmitters, the main problem comes when trying to detect bugs which are either turned off or disabled, and may not be located after a first search.

Fortunately, there are some particular types of bug sweepers which can detect transmitters which are either turned off or even buried into a wall, allowing for a thorough cleanup of your premises, where you will soon be able to talk freely.

To obtain more information on systems for bug sweeping and find the most suitable option for your needs, we advise you to contact Endoacustica and its experienced staff, who will certainly be able to assist.

Internet-based home surveillance, wherever you are

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To keep a watchful eye on your loved ones, your home or even the situation in your office while you are away, there is a system for remote surveillance called LiveLine which, thanks to the installation of a video camera in the place to be monitored, allows its users to display images in real time over the Internet.

This convenient anti theft service has a monthly fee of only 10 dollars, on top of which you should add the cost for purchasing dedicated cameras (between 130 and 200 dollars.
During its launch phase, the cameras were supplied for free, while now this offer is no longer available, although the price of the cameras is within the reasonable range for surveillance cameras designed for home or office use.

Once the camera is installed, all you have to do is connect it to your home computer, and you will be able to activate it and display its images in real time, wherever you are, just by logging into your online account. Furthermore, images captured by the LiveLine system are stored on the provider server, and can thus be used at any time as evidence, in case someone should break into your home, or if you should prove a marital infidelity or a case of corporate espionage taking place in your office.

This system is convenient not only to protect your home during your holidays, but also for those who leave their home often due to business trips, or those who live alone and work night shifts, leaving their home unattended during dark hours.
The LiveLine camera is also equipped with a motion detection sensor, which starts recording immediately and sends a notification either via email or via SMS, allowing you to acct immediately in case of danger.


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