A micro camera hidden inside a cap

Miniaturization of video technologies allows us to have micro video recorders with an embedded camera, so small that they can be concealed inside objects that we use every day, such as watches, pens, or even car key holders.

In this case, what at a first glance might be mistaken for a key holder is actually the remote control of our micro camera, as the recorder is concealed inside a baseball cap, and what looks like normal holes on top of the shade are actually concealing a tiny video camera and an equally small microphone.

It is a device for amateur use, powered by a rechargeable battery and capable of recording footage with a 640×480 resolution at 27 frames per second, storing it on a built-in 4 Gb memory card. By pressing any button on the remote control, the cap will slightly vibrate in response.

The characteristics of this micro recorder make it more suitable for a young audience, as it can be used in leisurely occasions, for example to shoot movies during a ride on a bicycle or a motorcycle, from the rider’s point of view, or to tape a university lesson instead of taking notes, to be able to review it later at home.

The fact that it is targeted to non-professional users is also reflected on price, as it would set you back a mere 55 dollars, a price range non comparable to digital micro recorders designed for professional use, aimed at surveillance and gathering of evidence to be used before a court of law.

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