Micro Earpiece: Equipment No Surveillance Agency Can Afford to Neglect

Micro Earpiece: Equipment No Surveillance Agency Can Afford to Neglect

Jagson Global Network was a private detective agency run by Mr. Steve Jagson. He had a small team of eight detectives and its office located at the top floor his apartments. Jagson had over twenty years of experience in detective and surveillance activities. The agency was just four years old but gained quite a reputation for itself in the field.

The credit belonged to none other than Jagson and his acumen in utilizing advance technology for the purpose. But many times, communicating secretly with the men on mission proved troublesome for him. His men needed his guidance at many crucial moments but could not communicate openly. Going away from the scene to communicate or use of mobile phones proved a distracting and wasted lot of crucial time.

A micro earpiece should not be neglected by Surveillance Agency

Jagson was hell bent on finding a perfect technical solution to discrete listening problems in surveillance activities. He approached none other than Endoacustica Europe, leading manufacturers of surveillance equipment. After going through their unbelievable wide range of products, he picked up Ear-GSM kit. It is a cordless invisible micro earpiece that snugs inside the ear and is almost invisible to the naked eye.

This 12x6x5 mm piece is so powerful that it can covertly listen to any conversation, without compromising on clarity, from where a cell phone is kept. It works with transmitters as well as cellular phones. This invisible micro earpiece can receive voice signal from any distance. Its standard zinc-air battery can last 50-100 hours. To adapt to latest technology, it comes with Bluetooth collar as well.

The performance of Jagsonā€™s team enhanced dramatically. With the help of invisible micro earpiece, Jagson could guide and control his men precisely to accomplish missions.

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