An Illegal Empire Comes Down Crashing

An Illegal Empire Comes Down Crashing

Illegal Empire comes Crashing due to a wireless earpiece? This was going to be a never before opportunity for the City Police Department. They got an inside information that Mr. Robin Leister was hosting a big bash on his marriage anniversary; and many people wanted by police were expected to attend the party.

Leister was a famous industrialist. He made his fortune mainly in brewery and liquor business. But the police knew that he ran a drugs racket under the disguise and his anniversary bash will be attended by many people linked to his racket and drug paddling.

City Police Chief Mr. Pereira was ready with his plan. He printed a fake invitation card and trained one of his best personnel to attend the party. It could fetch crucial information about the drugs racket and the people present over there. But the problem was that except him, nobody knew the insides of the mansion where the big celebration was planned to be held. Further, only he could give the clues about the people at the party and how to deal with them.

Pereira’s experience and research came handy. He purchased Micro earpiece, a wireless earpiece that could enable discreet, two ways communication. It is so tiny that it could easily fit inside the earlobe. It requires very less energy and can operate for 15 to 30 hours on zinc-air battery. It is so sensitive that it can pick up very subtle and distant noises but filters unnecessary background noise.

How illegal empire comes down with an wireless earpiece?

Need not say, with the help of Micro earpiece, a wireless earpiece Pereira guided his man precisely to go around in the party, talk to various guests and collect critical information about the drug racket. A tiny wireless micro-earpiece brought an illegal empire down.