A camera for all seasons, from sports to surveillance

A camera for all seasons, from sports to surveillance

When carrying out undercover or confidential operations, either with police forces or the military, you need to have support from accessories that, along with absolute top-notch performance, can guarantee ease of use and maneuverability, along with total flexibility and the ability to be suitable for a wide range of possible applications.

Which pocket video camera is for all seasons?

And this is exactly the case with SV-CAM, a pocket video camera which, thanks to its characteristics of extreme sturdiness, can be used as your perfect adventure companion for shooting footage of extreme sports activities, for example by mounting it on the front of your mountain bike or a motorbike, or even on the pilot’s helmet. In fact, the digital portable video camera is water and shock proof.

Thanks to this, SV-CAM can be a very useful tool also for those who are professionally dealing with dangerous situations, be it military personnel in action or on a reconnaissance mission, or police agents on a crime enforcement operation.

The SV-CAM digital video camera can in fact be easily operated with a big record start button, which makes it possible to put it to work with a quick pressure and without complicated procedures, even while you are wearing gloves.

The keys can be locked, in order to prevent recording from being accidentally interrupted, and ensure continuous operations while at work or while both hands are busy.

Thanks to its wide LCD screen, this BWV (Body Worn Video) system in pocket video camera allows you to see at all times what it is shooting, to make sure that it is working correctly. This is particularly useful for police forces on a patrolling operation, as real time video recording may effectively deter from nasty behavior, as the offending person knows that he is being recorded.

In a few inches, you basically have a complete tool for leisure, surveillance and security.