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Spy Cameras

Endoacustica Europe offers a wide choice of Professional Spy Cameras , electronic devices that allow you to video record what happens in any place. Through a hidden camera, in fact, it will be possible to know and record what happens at home or in your office, 24 hours a day and without being discovered! In order to buy mini cameras with built-in video recorder, hidden in commonly used objects, such as necklaces, pens, torches, buckles and others, you can visit the Hidden cameras page.

Spy cameras differ in performance, as well as the way they transmit video signal. Further down the page you can read the main features of this kind of video surveillance devices and their most common applications in the investigative field.


Why are mini cameras useful?

With each passing second, Technology is improving at a dizzying speed. The advancement of technology has shrunk the size of equipment without affecting its quality.
Mini cameras are small still or video cameras that can record without being seen. Most of the time, people are unaware that they are being recorded, which is why they are called spy cameras.

Ordinary surveillance cameras are frequently set in a prominent location and are used to not only monitor the area under surveillance, but also to prevent theft, burglary, and vandalism. The primary purpose of miniature spy cameras is not deterrence.

They can, however, be used in conjunction with larger video systems to record areas that are difficult to see for large surveillance cameras, such as regions that are difficult to see for large security cameras.

They fit into tight crevices, for example, and can be readily fitted behind a wall projection. Mini cameras are ideal for covert surveillance because of their small size.

In terms of the installation site, the alternatives are practically endless: The monitoring instruments can be discovered everywhere, even in the smallest of locations, such as within a safe, on a shelf between books and decorations, or even on a mobile phone. Mini spy cameras are also useful for documenting evidence or conducting research.

Many small cameras are capable of not just continuous video recording at the touch of a button, but also of starting the recording function only when motion or noise is detected. Some have infrared LEDs for night vision, HD resolution, WiFi, and a webcam.

There are many different types of surveillance cameras available, ranging from simple devices with basic functionality to sophisticated disguised video cameras for espionage purposes with additional features like night vision, WiFi, and more.

Use of Mini spy cameras in the Professional Environment.

Small-format surveillance technology is very beneficial in big industrial and commercial settings where access roads, parking lots, or loading ramps are sloped and large-scale video surveillance is not viable. Even the tiniest locations may be well-protected with micro surveillance cameras.
In other circumstances, when flashy surveillance equipment isn't appropriate for the business, such as when it deters customers or disrupts the entire aesthetic concept.
Mini cameras are ideal in these situations.

Mini surveillance cameras can be used to quietly monitor malls, boutiques, workplaces, corporate premises, and many other areas without making customers or employees feel watched.

WLAN tiny surveillance cameras transfer images immediately to monitors, where security workers can review the video recordings, or to external storage media, on-demand.
These small cameras can also assist parents in keeping an eye on their children while they are away. All thanks to the device's Wifi connectivity, which allows parents to access the camera from anywhere using any device with a Wifi connection. This device will reassure parents that things are fine at home.

It's also useful for providing security because it may be integrated with alarm systems to guarantee that any suspicious activity is spotted early enough for necessary action to be taken.

What is the functionality of a mini spy camera that connects to a phone?

A spy camera that connects to a phone operates by leveraging wireless technology and smartphone applications to provide discreet surveillance capabilities. This spy camera that links to phone is equipped with built-in Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity, allowing it to establish a connection with a smartphone.

Users typically install a dedicated mobile app on their phone, which facilitates the pairing process. Once connected, the camera can transmit live video and audio feeds directly to the smartphone, enabling real-time monitoring from anywhere with an internet connection.

Users can also control various settings, such as recording modes, motion detection, and video storage, through the app. Some models even offer cloud storage options for saving and accessing recorded footage remotely.

This innovative technology empowers individuals to discreetly monitor their surroundings for security, surveillance, or personal use, all from the convenience of their smartphone.

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The best spy cameras at our disposal

WiFi IP network mini camera module

Easy to setup IP spy micro camera. It allows user to configure Wi-Fi network, video setting, alarm setting, and micro SD card through smartphone directly, without pc support...

Unlimited range A/V UMTS transmitter

An audio/video micro wireless camera based on UMTS technology, which allows a good quality real time audio and video transmission with unlimited transmission range...

Live streaming 3G, 4G, WiFi, AP, Hotspot micro camera

An audio/video micro wireless camera based on 3G, 4G, HOTSPOT, WI-FI technology, which allows an high definition and real time audio and video transmission...

Spy DVR kit for hidden A/V recordings

This device “all in one” for the audio/video recording thanks to its minimum size can be hidden almost anywhere, even in electronic devices. The DVR is able to make audio and video...

IP network 3MP spy camera module

The 3 Mega pixel IP camera requires no special installation, because it works remotely through the Internet network. The WiFi module IP-3MP uses really interesting...

4G WiFi LTE Full HD A/V spy camera module

This audio/video bug transmitter, equipped with built-in 4G modem and WiFi network, allows the user to transmit audio and video at unlimited distance using data connection...

Miniaturized CMOS micro-camera

The AU-102 and AU-103 series of color micro cameras have unparalleled technical-functional characteristics. The 1/18" CMOS sensor of these micro camera, in fact, allows...

A/V kit with wireless micro camera and DVR receiver

The ENWO-T101/W and ENWO-T101/W video surveillance kits are the best solution for those who want to start audio and video monitoring without using wires...

Wireless spy camera kit 500m away

This 1 watt wireless spy micro camera module with sensitive microphone, combined with the portable receiver, allows the user to record audio and video up to 500 meters away...

Wireless 5.8GHz spy camera mini DVR kit

The SV-CAM monitoring system includes a tiny spy wireless camera with a wireless DVR receiver. The camera is very small. Motion detection and loop recording are available...

700TVL CCD mini pinhole color camera

The ENMN-Q1945L is suitable to be interfaced with analog devices video recording (DVR) with a minimum space. Due to its small size. it is in fact preferable to other devices...

540TVL spy micro camera for CCTV systems

Thanks to its technical features as well as its small size, this incredible mini spy camera can hiddenly work for a long time in many unexpected places: wall holes, household objects...

600TVL mini infrared CCTV camera

The EN205IR IR CCTV spy micro camera, with 600 TVL horizontal resolution and 4 invisible LEDs, can be hidden into wall holes or small homemade objects in order to easily monitor...

Wireless spy camera in a smoke sensor

At first glance it looks just like an anti smoke detector, but at Endoacustica, we have turned this simple device into a powerful spy camera tool. The SD-10 audio-video module is...

Video surveillance systems installation

Endoacustica Europe offers video surveillance installations for private homes, supermarkets, shops, businesses, service stations and many other...

Micro spy cameras Custom concealment services

Endoacustica Europe offers the expertise of its technicians to provide a quickly and safely concealment spy camera service able to fully satisfy its customers...

A spy micro camera can be placed in any place for different purposes: to monitor your employees or domestic collaborators, to know what your partner is doing or more. Let's see below its main applications:

Spy cameras to find out a cheating partner. If you suspect that your partner is dating another person, you can avert any doubts by installing a spy camera in the room they normally frequent.
At workplace. Do you have a business and collaborators who manage important data? If you think there are cheating on you by leaking important information, through the use of a spy camera you can monitor their behavior in every moment!
At home: to supervise babysitters, caregivers and other domestic helpers. Every day the news reports cases of violence against minors or the elderly. If you want to prevent the babysitter from treating your child badly, or the caregiver neglecting your parents, thanks to our professional micro cameras you can keep the behavior of these people under control.

The main types of spy cameras are:

Wireless cameras: these devices transmit very high quality images, have small dimensions and are easily concealable. Video data transmission takes place via Wi-Fi technology.
Infrared hidden cameras: this technology allows you to have excellent images even in very low light conditions, thanks to the presence of infrared LEDs.
Micro cameras inside objects: in order not to risk being discovered, some models are directly mounted inside household objects, for example, smoke sensors, appliances, televisions, clocks, paintings, etc.

Our choice. 4G WiFi LTE Full HD audio-video transmitter spy camera, The best 4G video transmitter.
Second classified. IP Wifi micro camera A/V module 720p, The unique features of this exclusive audio-video surveillance device are the micro-camera with 600TVL sensor, which allows to get high-quality video images.
Choice on budget. Spy DVR kit for hidden audio-video recordings, cheap but powerful.
Car cameras. Unlimited range audio/video 3G GSM UMTS bug.