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Are you afraid that someone might smuggle in your office, in your apartment, in your computer? Do you want to keep safe your property with infallible alarm systems of last generation? Do you want the comfort of a home-automation?

Endoacustica Europe offers these and other services specially customized for you. Because your safety and the protection of the environment in which you live is our priority.
The ever watchful eye of new video technology

Stop unauthorized access. Switch to our efficient systems of video surveillance.

Our latest video surveillance systems (closed circuit television cameras CCTV) and management of remote control (by phone, computer, tablet, etc.) provide you a complete solution against theft and external intrusion, effectively and safely.

A professional video surveillance system with high definition cameras is essential to verify access to sensitive areas, such as those of transit of company personnel. Or to keep under control important goods of different nature. In any case, possible sabotage actions will be systematically discouraged by the presence of cameras directed on the areas or equipment concerned. Our video systems will show you precisely the spatial and temporal movements within the areas at higher risk of intrusion.

That's why we design and install surveillance plants in accordance with law, using innovative materials and systems: to offer you more services, high reliability, safety and accuracy. We also provide assistance and update for any existing surveillance system.

Video surveillance systems
Alarm systems
A bulldog hi-tech always ready to do its part

Why settle for a guard dog when there are more technological systems and secure?

When you're not at home, in the car, at work, you need to rely on someone who is monitoring your things, and at the appropriate time, avoid any attempt of theft or intrusion. For this you can not do without an alarm system of the latest generation.

We realize intrusion alarms, anti theft security systems, installations of alarm control point, intrusion detection systems and devices for domestic and industrial use.

We propose you technological products of the best brands to guarantee strong countermeasures against any attacker who intends to intrude on your property. Our alarm systems detect promptly any attacks and deter them. All of our equipment is CE marked, as required by existing law.

The house, friend of the future

Simplify, innovates, improves your life. Treat yourself to a comfortable home automation system.

Your home is an expression of your personality. That's why it is important that reflects your sense of security, comfort and dynamism that you expect from you and the environment in which you live.

We design, install and develop any type of home automation system for homes, apartments and residences: lighting control, audio/video distribution, self-coordination of appliances, self-programming for air conditioning systems, fire and gas leaks detection, facial recognition and fingerprint to safeguard access etc.

Our home automation systems have a user friendly interface, very easy to manage. Are almost immune to unexpected failure, and in any case equipped with control systems of the latest generation, programmed to generate reports of possible anomalies. Also provide a low energy consumption, thanks to the use of particular materials and devices with low expenditure of energy.

Penetration test
Prevention is much better than cure

Do not get caught unprepared. Make your data inaccessible to hackers and attackers.

In recent times, the security of IT networks has become a priority for many companies, banks, hospitals, schools, etc., But also individuals who are having to counter dangers completely new and unpredictable from the network. The only way to get out of it unscathed is to build a solid barrier between you and who is going to attack your business.

Therefore it is very important to perform periodic verification tests that can ensure optimal protection of a system, so as to render it inaccessible and hacker-proof. Through our crash tests and penetration tests we perform authorized attempts to breach computer systems, so as to identify any gaps or weaknesses of a network. In summary, we test the strength of the servers exposed on the internet (web server, mail server, video server etc.), to protect them against attacks of any kind.

From now on you can sleep peacefully. With our test, the violation of your privacy will be just a distant memory.

A safe data extraction and recovery

Rely on new technologies to acquire any information from smartphones or external hard drives.

CELL-ANALYZER is a powerful mobile data forensic instrument that can be effectively handled to analyze, decode or acquire physical/logical data from a large number of mobile communication devices: newest smartphones, tablets, GPS trackers, oldest cell phones, mobile devices using chinese chipset etc.

Equipped with a user friendly touch screen interface, it can retrieve any files even those hidden or deleted. Because of its own features CELL-ANALYZER can be used in supporting of investigations in order to gather evidence or start digital intelligence research according to the current forensic procedures.

By using this awesome device you can analyze, decrypt and extract any SMS, email, Internet history, GPS location, list of received/sent phone calls,, taken photos, and many other information stored on mobile phone!

Data extraction from mobile phones
Investigation fields and data recovery services
Investigation fields and data recovery services

We perform activities of recovering data from mobile phones, forensic analysis, data extraction from mobile devices and cell phones such as:

  • Cell phones, also old and without operating system
  • Smartphone
  • Tablet PC
  • Cell phones based on Symbian such as Nokia
  • Apple phones with iOS as iPhone, iPad but also iPod devices
  • Phones with Windows Mobile
  • Android Smartphone
  • Blackberry Phones
  • Chinese mobile phones, clones or imitation of iPhone, Samsung Android, Blackberry