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Voice changers

Voice changers are something you can’t survive without today. A professional voice changer can change anyone’s voice and make it entirely different. Endoacustica’s telephone voice modifier can change your voice in the most natural way allowing the caller to stay anonymous. 

This voice modulator enables you to change your voice naturally from male to female, and from female to male. It guarantees the safety of young girls that will be able to answer the phone with a male voice or simply change it to a different person's voice, creating ambiguity for the harasser. 

Endoacustica’s telephone voice modifier is today’s top-selling gadget and is perfect for different scenarios in present society. People after using it call it an “object of worship” and they take it as a gadget they cannot communicate without. There must be a reason behind the hype and high demand for this product, read it further…

Who can benefit?

In newspapers and on social media, you read and listen to leaked audio calls and discussions where politicians, bankers and managers, are wiretapped speaking over the phone about their confidential matters. All these people can benefit from this modern voice disguiser. 

Endoacustica is the leader in the field of audio and video surveillance. We supply the best phone voice changers available on the internet and in today’s market. Our voice modulators can be adapted to any type of phone and cell phone. The modified voices sound natural, and an unaltered tone of voice will not create suspicion too.

How does this gadget work? So, the mobile voice changer is interfaced with the cell phone’s plug. The CV-C is the only cell phone voice changer quickly adapted to mobiles. On the other hand, the CVX-PLUS is a voice transformer suitable for professional targets such as recording studios, radio and television stations etc.

Is the change in voice practically possible?

Everyone gets a slightly different effect from utilizing a voice changer because everyone's voice is unique. Generally speaking, a voice changer may alter your voice's pitch by one or two octaves while still producing a natural-sounding outcome. 

They do a pretty good job of masking your voice, especially to individuals who are familiar with you. The voice changer often has two or three settings that, with a little effort, can produce spectacular results. The voice changer produces better results and lets you employ more voices when there are more selection possibilities available. 

However, you must change the voice by several octaves for a typical male voice to sound like a typical female voice or vice versa. Most voice changers adjust the user's voice's pitch-sensitive fundamental waves and provide a variety of pitch shift options. 

In comparison to high-end devices, low-end models use a less efficient microprocessor and offer fewer pitch possibilities. Pitch is only one element of the human voice, there are complications as to how much change can be made without resulting in an unnatural or digital sounding voice. 

High-end (Pro) models use additional electronic circuits to offset or buffer the unnatural sounds as well as more efficient pitch-shifting microprocessors. Lower-end models are typically used by children or as novelty items for practical jokes. If you have a serious application, don't think about buying some toys.

Our high-end selection of voice modifiers for landline and mobile phones

Advanced Telephone Voice Transformer
The modern voice changer is the preferred option for professionals. With this voice transformer, you have complete and unmatched control over the timbre, tone, timbre, reverberation, and pitch. No other voice changer unit on the market can offer more.

Human voices are made up of two parts. The first is the one with fundamental waves that are frequency-sensitive, whereas the second is one with fixed harmonics that are frequency-insensitive. 

A person's voice is characterized by formants, which are harmonic components that change along with the vocal cords and physical structure of the vocal tract. With the use of this tool, you can naturally change a man's voice into a woman's or a child's voice.

Multi-purpose Professional Telephone Voice Changer
Professional voice changer for landlines that is also appropriate for cell phones, cordless phones, recording equipment, and computers. A telephone changer, also known as professional electronic equipment, may change your voice from one gender to another, from adult to child, and vice versa.

The CVX-II can be simply fitted on cordless phones even though it is primarily intended to be used with landline telephones because it will be linked directly to the telephone line before the set. Additionally, it can be applied to PCs and recorders.

Mobile Phone Voice Changer
The mobile phone voice changer is Suitable for calls and voice messages on WhatsApp as well. The newest mobile phone-pc voice changer can change your voice when you are online. You don't need technical skills to use it. Very useful also for WhatsApp calls and verbal messages!

CV-C mobile voice changers can modulate and make your voice unrecognizable by choosing multiple vocal pitches. Equipped with two types of cables (Nokia-Samsung), this amazing device works with any type of cell phone. All the connections are quick and easy to deploy thanks to the cables provided. From now on, thanks to its ease of use, you will be able to effectively change your voice wherever you go!

Telephone Voice Changer
Astonishing compact voice modifier equipped with 8 different types of voice. Compatible with all types of telephones, the CVT-M can be easily connected to the landline with the particular cable included. Provided with 2 AA batteries, it can be traveled anywhere thanks to its 5x 3x1/2 tiny dimensions.

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Our high end selection of Voice changers for landline and mobile phones

Professional voice changer

New generation voice transformer. The professional's choice. This unit is an entirely new generation of advanced voice disguise and transformation technology...

Desktop phone voice changer

This professional device is a true and exceptional voice changer. The CVX-II, when interposed between handset and phone, will change your voice into another one...

Mobile phone voice changer

Also suitable for any PC to modify your voice while on line! CV-C is able to modulate and make your voice unrecognizable, giving you the possibility to choose among...

Compact voice changer

Astonishing compact voice modifier equipped with 8 different types of voice. Compatible with all types of telephone, the CVT-M, unlike most voice changers, can be connected to a handset...


The voice modulators can be adapted to any type of phone and cell phone. The mobile voice changer is interfaced with the mating plug of your cell phone. The CV-C is the only cell phone voice changer easily adapted to mobiles. 

Voice changers are something you can’t survive without today. Single women or people who are victims of cyberbullying or threats use it well. Call centers or sector telephone operators also use these voice changes frequently. 

The mobile phone voice changer is powered with 3V / 2 pieces of AAA UM-4 battery and has a continuous working time of 48 Hours. 

Advanced telephone voice transformers come with an excellent voice changing process, with lots of voice configurations. There are also various tones of voice change, the ability of voice timbre change, and the possibility of adding voice effects.