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Hidden Camera with DVR

Professional high tech Hidden cameras DVR for investigations and private surveillance. Your own investigation time has began.
For private surveillance and investigations, we offer professional high-tech hidden camera DVRs. Users can monitor and film individuals without their awareness using hidden micro-cameras placed into regular, daily things (also chosen by the buyer). Watches, clothes hangers, pencils, clocks, glasses, lamps, buckles, pillows, necklaces, and a variety of other espionage things are all available. We provide personalized service. Our customers get to pick the object that will be built within the covert camera.
If you want to buy spy cameras modules, that are not hidden, but electronic circuits that contain micro cameras to be hidden, visit the spy camera page. Our hidden cameras offer a variety of professional hidden and spy cameras that covers a range of purposes:


Some of the prominent camera types comprise:

Phone cover with built-in Wi-Fi P2p spy camera,
USB power bank charger with IR camera and Video recorder,
Desk or furnishing lamp with DVR micro camera,
Wristwatch with a camera and video recorder,
Exclusive digital video recorder All in One,
IP Wi-Fi camera and video recording system in a clock,
IP Wi-Fi Micro camera A/V module 720p,
Mini A/V surveillance system in PIR sensor,
Mini waterproof action video recorder, and many more.

Built-in Hidden Camera:

Users can monitor and film individuals without their awareness using hidden micro-cameras placed into regular, daily things, which can be chosen by the buyer. Hidden cameras and DVRs are included in the watches, clothing hangers, pencils, clocks, glasses, torches, buckles, pillows, necklaces, and a variety of other espionage items.
Overall, we provide a personalized experience to our esteemed clients. The hidden camera can be built into any object that our clients want.

Hidden Cameras in pen:

Because the hidden cameras placed in the pen are so small and inconspicuous, they are barely detectable. Only a little circular hole, which is required for the camera lens, can be seen on the pin. Many pens with hidden cameras can also be used as writing instruments when you are not using them as a spy device. It does have large storing memory that can be used to make videos and capture photographs secretly.
To ensure its uninterrupted performance, strong and long-lasting lithium batteries are used.

Hidden Cameras installed in a wristwatch:

Watches are another excellent choice for using as a camera hideaway.
Furthermore, Table clocks can also be used to conceal mini cameras that watch a specific area or the entire room, depending on their placement.
Car keys, smoke alarms, glasses, picture frames, motion detectors, and a variety of other everyday things are all equipped with miniature cameras.

Since we are familiar with the wide variety of hidden cameras; let us have a look at the different factors of buying mini cameras.

When purchasing a tiny surveillance camera, quality aspects such as resolution, storage space, recording time, and other features should be considered in addition to the design of camouflage.
Camouflaged tiny surveillance cameras can be utilized directly if covert surveillance is necessary for any instance for the intended purpose. The type of construction that the camera is interested in is determined by the conditions on the job site. Wall clocks are a wonderful choice for recording a complete room. For mobile applications, little surveillance cameras in wristwatches, pencils, and notebooks have proven themselves.

Picture Quality:
Camouflaged tiny surveillance cameras can be utilized directly if covert surveillance is necessary for any instance for the intended purpose. The type of construction that the camera is interested in is determined by the conditions on the job site. Wall clocks are a wonderful choice for recording a complete room. For mobile applications, little surveillance cameras in wristwatches, pencils, and notebooks have proven themselves. The resolution of a tiny camera determines the quality of the photos it captures. The greatest feasible quality should be set here, depending on the planned usage of the recordings. In the domain of compact surveillance equipment, HD cameras are also accessible.
Furthermore, the detecting area is critical - especially if you want to conduct large-scale surveillance. HD tiny cameras with infrared night vision should be preferred for recording images in the dark. An inbuilt microphone is required if you wish to record sound as well as photos.

Power and Storage Space:
Mini surveillance cameras are powered by a wire and power supply unit or batteries, depending on the model. Pay attention to the maximum recording time and battery capacity while utilising devices for mobile use.
The captured photographs are safe because the storage media is sufficiently large. The recording will be aborted if the storage space is full. As a result, when you buy it, examine the storage capacity, and see if it can be easily increased using MicroSD cards. External storage of recordings is frequently practical. This is achievable, for example, with the help of WLAN small security cameras.

Ways to record functions:
Many tiny surveillance cameras only start recording video when something happens. This feature allows for integrated motion detectors or noise detection, for example, The small camera records deviations as soon as they are recognized. If the security camera has a PIR motion sensor, it can already detect slight temperature variations in the near surroundings, and the recording function is triggered as soon as the motion detector reacts. The camera must have a built-in microphone if you only want the recording to start when there is a conversation.
Mini security cameras can also benefit from status displays with LEDs, which make it simpler to identify low battery levels or the commencement of the recording function at a glance.

Camera for Outdoor use:
If the small security cameras are to be used outside, they must be specifically constructed for outside use, as temperature variations, moisture, and humidity can cause harm.
If the surveillance camera will be mounted outdoors, consider the IP protection class while choosing it. If you are concerned about your nosey neighbourhood or worried about people lurking in your personal, then this might be your thing. All cold, the heat, and the darkness of night can be blended in with any natural environment without revealing that cameras are capturing their every move.

Integration in smart house:
Images, taken from the hidden/spy camera, are frequently saved on a MicroSD card, which can then be transferred to another device. With WiFi cameras, you may also view the recorded footage using apps on your smartphone or tablet over WiFi. The WiFi camera may be integrated into your smart home system and records can be viewed at any time. Indoors and outdoors, little cameras for the smart home can be incorporated.
The high recording quality of HD small cameras comes at the expense of storage space. A lower video resolution allows you to save a lot of space on your hard drive. However, to conserve storage space, you do not have to sacrifice video quality.
If continuous monitoring is not required, recordings should only be initiated when essential, such as in the event of noise or movement. This can be automated, for example, by utilizing motion detectors to detect noise or motion. Alternatively, video recordings can be started manually.

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Hidden cameras DVR

Our selection of Hidden cameras DVR
for private surveillance and investigations

Iphone cover with built-in WiFi P2P spy camera

This incredible cover for Iphone (model 6 and 7) is equipped with a hidden video recording system, also working on motion detection, and a high definition micro camera...

USB power bank charger with IR camera and video recorder

This incredible device is a real battery charger for mobile phones and more, usable as such. Inside, however, it hides a very sensitive microphone and spy camera...

Desk or furnishing lamp with DVR micro camera

DVR spy lamp is the perfect tool for home children surveillance, your home and office surveillance, private investigations, and more...

Wrist watch with camera and video recorder

This device is the perfect spy-watch for your covert recordings. This comfortable wristwatch, with steel body and break-proof glass is actually a real professional video...

Exclusive digital video recorder All in One

This device “all in one” for audio and video recording thanks to its minimum size can be hidden almost anywhere, even in electronic devices. The DVR is able to make audio and video...

IP WiFi camera and video recording system in a clock

Apparently it looks like a normal clock, but contains a high resolution IP WiFi camera and a DVR. So it is perfect to record images in hiding mode from a distance. The recorded images and...

IP Wifi micro camera A/V module 720p

The transmission module IP-WEB, with 3.7 mm IP CMOS micro camera, is one of the audio-video monitoring devices more suitable to transmit, reproduce and record video...

Mini A/V surveillance system in PIR sensor

DVR-SENSOR is a real miniaturized surveillance system, really one of a kind. Its small size ensures a minimum usage of space, while its technical characteristics, along with...

Mini waterproof action video recorder

The smallest waterproof video recorder on the market. Record video and 10m waterproof, suit for all kinds of water sports. Small, ultra light and waterproof with CMOS sensor...

Smartphone with hidden spy camera

Common smartphones equipped with something more than all the others. In fact, despite outside they look like commercial cell phones, inside they hide a feature of all relief...

Video recorder and micro camera in a buckle

BUCKLE-DVR gives you the opportunity to turn yourselves into secret agents or detectives, and personally conduct investigations or video surveillance, or any other kind of...

Clothes hanger with DVR micro camcorder

Conceived with innovative design, this special clothes hanger comes with a powerful micro camcorder and a motion sensor. A really cosy wall hanger where is hidden a secret camera with...

Spy glasses with hidden micro camera and DVR

Glasses with HD spy camera and video recorder ideal for those who want to make audio and video recordings, for professional reasons as well as for leisure. Specifically designed for those...

Spy pen with digital camera and DVR system

The DVR-PEN can be worn to be used if necessary both as a normal pen and as an ideal spy device for video recording meetings, quarrels, threats, pressures or mobbing attitudes! It hides inside a...

Micro A/V recorder in a car remote control key

This car remote control key with built-in camera is very useful to be used for secret video and photographs. Suitable for making audio-video recordings in cases of harassment, mobbing...

A/V camera recording system with DVR monitor

This audio-video recording system is equipped with micro-camera and digital 2.5" color display video recorder. It is suitable for surveillance and audio and video spying...

Radio alarm clock with builit-in video recorder

Apparently a travel radio alarm clock, on the inside it actually conceals a miniaturized camera, with a micro recorder, light to carry and easy to use. You can place it in your bedroom...

Mobile phone with hidden miniature DVR

The ENM-DH229 video recorder hidden in a mobile phone is a miniaturized 1280x960 resolution video camera device. This system allows you to live view in detail and in real time...

Spy bulb DVR with IR camera and remote control

The spy bulb is used as a normal bulb (110V-250V) with E27 adapter. It's able to record in cyclical with automatic overwriting of the oldest recorded until memory card MicroSD...

Book sheet binder with IR camera, microphone and DVR

Fake document-binder with hidden video surveillance system consisting of a micro camera with a resolution of 1920x1080p, video recording system and integrated...

Panda with micro camera and mini-DVR

The MINI DVR Panda is a real “all-in-one” system for the security and surveillance of places and people. It allows both audio and video recording and, for example...

Pendant with micro camera and DVR

This necklace with pendant integrates a carefully concealed spy camera and DVR system, capable of shooting high quality, Full HD video at 1920x1080p resolution...

DVR device and infrared camera in a smoke detector

The DVR-SMOKE video camera model, hidden inside a smoke detector, also equipped with a built-in digital video recorder with motion sensor, can be installed anywhere...

Micro spy cameras Custom concealment services

Endoacustica Europe offers the expertise of its technicians to provide a quickly and safely concealment spy camera service able to fully satisfy its customers....

Frequently asked questions

Video surveillance of one's own property is theoretically possible. However, when small cameras are used to capture public areas, private regions of third parties, or other individuals, severe legal data protection standards could apply. Before using a tiny camera, you should educate yourself on the subject.

Our choice. IP Wi-Fi Micro camera A/V module 720p, IP Wifi micro camera A/V module 720p, one of the audio-video monitoring devices more suitable to transmit, reproduce and record video over the network.
Second classified. Alarm clock video recorder with hidden camera and motion detector, The unique features of this exclusive Alarm clock video recorder with hidden camera and motion detector, which allows to get high-quality video images.
Choice on budget. Wrist watch with camera and DVR, cheap but powerful tool.
Car cameras. Unlimited range audio/video transmitter.

Although surveillance cameras can dissuade would-be intruders, they cannot prevent theft or crime. If a burglary occurs, the later review of the events is aided by the recorded evidence. Pay attention to your night vision so that you can capture usable images even in low light.

If a motion detector is included in a tiny camera, many models allow you to start recording only when a movement based on temperature variations is detected in the monitored region. This saves storage space and eliminates a large amount of video content that isn't needed. A little board camera is integrated into a commonplace item. The camera can be wired, which means it uses a cable to connect to the DVR or VCR. The camera can alternatively be wireless, in which case it sends a signal to a receiver linked to the DVR or VCR.

A video cable connects the camera to your recording or viewing device, such as a DVR, VCR, or display, in the case of wired cameras. A built-in transmitter transmits the video signal to a receiver in wireless cameras. Your recording or watching device is connected to the receiver.

At night, many surveillance cameras produce excellent video records. If filming at night is crucial for your specific needs, infrared night vision should be a top priority while shopping for tiny cameras. Images are worthless in the dark without night vision or PIR motion detectors. It's important to consider not just the feature itself, but also the maximum area that may be caught utilising infrared night vision.

When you buy a tiny camera, you usually get everything you need to operate it and, if necessary, install it. Frequently, brackets or clips for mounting the small cameras are offered. When it comes to the storage medium, things are a little different. MicroSD cards are frequently not provided in the box if the material is to be saved on them.