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Real Time Mini GPS Tracking Devices

GPS tracking is quite a popular term nowadays as it has become normal for people to use GPS trackers to locate their vehicle's location their route via GPS apps such as Google Maps, fix a tracker on their pet's collar to make sure they never lose them or spy on someone to know their whereabouts in cases such as infidelity.

You can track your vehicles, employees, equipment, and other assets if you own a business. Also, as a family, you can use a mini GPS tracker to know your kids' or pets' whereabouts. It can be used to track your devices, vehicle, and bike. You can also use the micro GPS tracker to track jewelry and valuable assets.

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How Do Realtime GPS Trackers Work?

Global positioning system (GPS) tracking is a method where the exact position of something is monitored. A GPS tracker contains a GPS component that can collect GPS signals and computes them. This device is portable and is fixed on the object that needs to be monitored.
The GPS tracker can connect to a series of satellites which help determine its position, using a trilateration process. In this process, three or more satellites are used from the Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) network, and the distance from them to determine the latitude, longitude, time, and elevation. Hence, GPS can be used to provide real-time and past navigation information. These are standard trackers and are easy to find in the market.

What is a Real-Time Mini GPS Tracker?

Endoacustica offers a professional real-time GPS tracker for investigative use. These are real-time trackers, which are very small in size, as the name suggests, with a strong magnetic force, lightweight electronics, and come with special management software. It gets integrated into the vehicle you are investigating, diminishing the likelihood of the tracker being detected and keeping the investigation discreet.
Real-time Mini GPS tracking devices are professional trackers to monitor children's and pet location, track vehicles like cars and bikes, help investigate criminals, follow cheater spouses, and much more.

Where Real-Time GPS Tracker Can be Used?

While GPS trackers have become so popular nowadays, a professional real-time tracker can be used for special purposes and operations in multiple applications; we have listed a few areas where using one is highly beneficial.

1. By Law Enforcement:

As the real-time GPS tracker is small in size, they go undetectable and hence can be widely used by police and law enforcement to track criminals, narco trafficators, or mafia people. These devices can be used to catch these criminals in real-time while they are committing the crime, which gives law enforcement hard evidence to convict such criminals and send them behind the bars for a long time.

2. For Covert Operations:

The real-time tracker can be used to track cars as it is small and can be quietly put under the car where the owner can't find it. It can be mounted under the vehicle in seconds. Ensure it is attached to the metal parts of the vehicle as it uses magnetic force to get attached to the car. The user can follow the car as it can track its location easily using a device where the tracked car is represented as a moving point of the map, such as Google maps.
The irony is this tracker also can be used by arm-traffickers during weapon sales or drug dealers. Traffickers use the tracker to track the buyer's car so that they can follow them to take back the sold arms or drugs. The user follows the victim in real-time, keeping a distance from the car so that the victim is not aware of that.
This tracker can be easily removed from the car after the covert operation is completed and can be reused for other operations. As the device is small, there is a possibility the tracker gets lost in the process, but you can always get another unit for the next operation.
This device is battery-operated and can last from about a month to three, depending on the use. It is advisable to replace the battery with a new one before the next covert operation if the battery discharges. As they are used externally, do not worry; these are waterproof.

3. Catch a Cheating Friend, Employee or Spouse:

If you worry that someone you know closely is cheating on you, then a confrontation might not be the best way to find out the truth. Instead, spy using a GPS tracker, as it can help you learn the truth. This tracker can be hidden inside the car. Install it in a place that is not visible, like inside the door, dashboard, or under the seat, and figure out if your doubt has any weight to it. This device can be used by law enforcement as well. They can also install the device in the car when it is at the mechanic for a service so that this can be done in a discreet fashion. The cops can use the device to track a criminal in real time.
After the operation, this device should be removed from the car. These are installed inside the car; hence, they are not usually waterproof. The size is really small so that it is non-discoverable. Note that the installation may require some time, so you must do this carefully.

4. Detective Work:

Sometimes you may not need to use real-time data but instead use a data logger to learn the vehicle's path over time. Detectives use these devices, which can be particularly helpful.
The data logger can be installed under the vehicle in a few seconds as it holds onto the car with its strong magnetic force. The path of the vehicle is recorded and saved on the device. To check the data, the device needs to be removed, and data should be downloaded. The user can now see where the vehicle has been in the last few days or weeks from the time the device was installed. This can be used to learn if a person has been lying about where they visit. This can also be helpful in small companies where you need to secretly track your vehicles and whether they are being used correctly.

5. Animal Tracking:

When you have pets at home who are family members, it becomes essential to keep track of the animal in case they get lost. A GPS tracker for dogs is a good idea if your pet is notorious and an escape artist. The GPS location will help you track its location easily and increase the chances of finding your lost pet.
Endoacustica also offers an RF-GPS tracker collar for hunting-hound dogs or other animals that they can easily wear without causing discomfort as it is lightweight. It does not require a SIM card or telephone network to work. On/OFF buttons on the collar are absent as a safety feature, so only the owner can make it operational or shut it off.

6. Parental control:

Keeping track of your kids when they go to tuition or the playground is essential for their safety. You cannot always accompany your kid; hence, knowing their whereabouts means you can be assured they are safe. Further, if you can communicate with them when needed, it gives you the assurance they are safe. Kids GPS tracker watch can be used to stay in touch with your child to keep a track of their location and whereabouts. It has two-way communication that employs an internal speaker and a built-in microphone. This can be used to listen or talk hands-free with your child on speakerphone.
They can use the same technology to remotely monitor elderly parents or people with memory deficits. You can constantly learn their whereabouts and ensure they are always safe.
On the other hand, if you have a restless kid who does not wish to be controlled by the parent, especially a teenager, then a stealth way of locating their location is the only way to know about their safety. Use a GPS tracker for kids that can be hidden in their backpack so that you can control your kids and know their real-time location. These are not professional trackers used in law enforcement, though. These are simple to use, even with basic information.

7. Preventing Vehicle Theft:

Over the years, vehicle theft has increased, which is why it is advisable to get a hidden GPS tracker that can track your car's location in case it gets stolen. Endoacustica also has come up with innovative designs, such as a bike tail light with an in-built GPS to always know your bike's location

8. Protecting Personal Belongings:

It is common to lose keys or personal belongings, which is crucial. Making use of the smallest GPS tracker can help you find the item easily. The object tracker can keep track of important devices, keys you frequently lose, and expensive objects you fear losing.
This can also be used to keep track of your restless kid. Just tuck the tracker beeper in the pocket and let your kids enjoy playing games while you relax carefreely.

9. For Sensitive Missions:

There are a few sensitive transport missions that need vigilant monitoring. For example, vehicles that carry valuables such as jewelry that get transported between the godown and showroom or cash being moved from the shops to banks and vice versa. Criminals can keep a track of these vehicles and use special GPS signal jammers to jam the GPS signal being monitored so that they can steal the valuables. Also, the signal can get lost when vehicles, cars, trucks, and bikes park the vehicle in underground garages or tunnels where the sky is not visible.
In such scenarios, permanently install an RF GPS tracker in the vehicle. This works with a radio frequency that can be retrieved even when the vehicle is underground or where the GPS signal cannot accurately indicate the vehicle's location.

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During your private investigations you may also need a RF tracking device. These devices are based on 360 degrees RF transmission. The signal is detected by a specific receiver, up to a few kilometres away, depending on frequency and used power. RF tracking devices are also used to prevent the loss of objects, elderlies, children, pets, etc. In some cases these devices have an alarm function that informs you that you are going over a pre-set distance. RF tracking devices are used when there is a risk that the subject to be monitored and located can enter areas where GPS signal could be difficult to be connected or interrupted. Inside forests, tunnels, garages, basements, big buildings, GPS signal does not connect, so it’s mandatory to use radio transmission.

Before buying a GPS mini spy tracking device, it is important to check its features and functionalities in order to choose the one that fits the best your needs. GPS mini tracking devices detect the position via GPS sat network with 1 to 20 meters accuracy. The position is sent via GSM or data network, e.g. by sending sms or through data connection to a host server enabling to follow in real time the movements of the tracking device itself. It’s usually features the audio transmitter function that, through integrated or external microphones, allows direct listening of nearby conversations. GPS tracking devices are the most used because they detect positions very precisely and do not have distance limits. They can be contacted from all around the world by a simple text messages or by dedicated apps directly from a smartphone. They are often used for real-time tracking of means of transport or monitoring of the position of a controlled vehicle. On our website you can find tracking devices operating online or offline, to be chosen basing on your specific investigation target.

GPS data logger, also known as Route recorders, operate by detecting the position from GPS sat network and recording all geographic locations and movements, together with other relevant data, like speed, date and time, saving them in order to be viewed afterwards. The data collected by the Route recorder, can be downloaded directly from the device on your computer. The route recorded by the data logger can be viewed on Google Maps or other proprietary geo-localization software or on the web. GPS Route recorders or GPS data loggers, are usually used to check afterwards the routes followed by means of transport, e.g. in company fleets or for statistical analysis. A GPS track recorder is the one you were looking for if you need to detect movements of a subjects with no risk of being discovered.

Real-time mini GPS tracking devices can track children, pets, and personal belongings. It can be used for covert operations, detective work, or locating stolen cars or bikes. The simple answer would be to use it on anything you want to track.

Advanced telephone voice transformers come with an excellent voice changing process, with lots of voice configurations. There are also various tones of voice change, the ability of voice timbre change, and the possibility of adding voice effects. 

The cost depends on the technology being used by the tracker and various other factors. But rest assured, they do not cost an arm and a leg.