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Speech protection systems

A top concern for many CEOs is leaking sensitive or pro-priority information that is revealed during an exclusive meeting. Data safety is crucial for several organizations, including, corporate, chemicals, government, technology sectors and many others. Any information leak can have a devastating effect.

Why is Speech Protection System Crucial?

With almost everyone owning a smartphone nowadays, data breaches are on the rise, which spiked up to 40 percent last year. This means securing a conference room for a meeting is tougher.


In some cases, restricting the use of such devices can be seen as extreme steps, especially at a larger event; it can get tricky. Instead, someone can be asked to keep a note on the attendees for unusual activity.

However, you can request participants to refrain from using these devices during certain parts of the meeting. But, in an age where everyone owns a smartphone, keeping sensitive information under wraps for much longer after a meeting is tough.

Hence, it is essential for companies to implement the best security practices and make use of a speech protection device to maintain speech privacy.
You cannot rule out the factor that the conference room might be bugged, which needs to be checked.
Assessing a room for any hidden devices is a great starter but not enough, as advanced technology has made it possible to leak information from a conference room easily if necessary measures are not taken.

Who Needs to Implement Speech Protection?

While most organizations should seriously consider protecting their data privacy in any conference or meeting with the help of a speech protection device, certain industries are more prone to speech theft due to the sensitivity of the data they share.

Every organization is compared with another, especially when the business is large; it becomes essential to safeguard strategies and future plans of the company within the board members. If any information gets out and reaches the competitors, it can cause devastating losses to your company. Hence, a speech protection device in the room and the implementation of ultrasonic and laser microphone jammers are necessary.

Every organization is compared with another, especially when the business is large; it becomes essential to safeguard strategies and future plans of the company within the board members. If any information gets out and reaches the competitors, it can cause devastating losses to your company. Hence, a speech protection device in the roomGovernment offices and military facilities use a lot of sensitive information for their missions. Any leakage of data from the government facility can be a threat to the nation. This also means unwanted entities would try hard to steal sensitive information from their offices.
Securing computer servers and electronic communications is necessary, but securing verbal communication is also crucial.
Overhearing a conversation or recording it through specialized audio equipment or a common mobile phone, is a possibility that needs to be carefully analyzed.

Legal Services:
Law offices and courtrooms require a high level of speech privacy so that justice can be carried out fairly. Any statements given by the victim, accused, or witnesses must be carefully collected with speech privacy so that no sensitive information is leaked and justice is served.

Financial Services:
Financial firms such as retail banks are responsible for safeguarding their client's personal financial information. These firms have a solid security system for the information stored online, but they need to protect any verbal client data communication that happens in the organization.
Financial details are very sensitive and must be protected to prevent pre-texting to get credit in the victim's name or steam their assets.

Chemical Sector:
Security threats are targeting several industries, including the chemical sector. While these industries focus on digital threats and place many anti-theft software programs in their system, not many consider speech theft and its risks.
Any vulnerability can cause catastrophic damages, hence securing speech is critical in this industry as well.

Real Estate:
Real estate is a multi-million-dollar business, making it a target for thefts. Property sellers and buyers trust their real estate agents with sensitive information that cannot fall into wrong hands as it can be misused and cause huge losses. Such an incident can damage the brand reputation of the business as well.
Hence, a responsible real estate agency prioritizes the security of its client's data and implements all measures to make it happen.

In institutes where research takes place and professionals work for years to establish facts and new conclusions, the information shared in the institute is critical.
Research teams work with the aid of funds from investors. Any data or speech leak can cause significant damage to the institution's name, and the team might lose funding from investors. Hence, protecting data and speech is highly critical in such a scenario.

What is Speech Protection System?

The speech protection system is a unique way to protect critical conversations from being overheard or leaked outside the group of people you intend to. The concept of how it works is straightforward.
A microphone jammer based on human voice frequencies simultaneously generates audio interference. Almost no recorder or listening device can pick this up or leak any information. Further, no noise clearance method can clear the generated audio interference, ensuring confidential information remains confidential.
On the other hand, the produced interference does not create inconvenience to the participants as they get to wear special headsets.
Endoacustica offers spy microphone jammers with the additional feature unlike other devices. It does not generate any signal in the absence of conversation to avoid any disturbance in between conversations. 
This anti-eavesdropping device protects against almost all known listening methods like stethoscopes microphone, radio microphones, voice recorders, wired microphones, bugs, mobile phone recorders, etc.

What is Laser Microphone Surveillance?

Laser microphone surveillance is an invisible laser beam pointed to a room's window where sensitive information is shared. It picks up sounds and voices from that room, which is demodulated by the receiver at the other end of the laser mic. The demodulated signal is then amplified, allowing the person to listen to the private conversation. This can be used from about a mile away.
You can use the laser microphone defender device, which is compact and easy to use. It masks the room's audio, susceptible to laser microphones, by sending a range of frequencies through the glass. This will stop the laser mic from demodulating the human voice out of all these frequencies.

What is a Microphone Jammer?

Mobile devices make it possible to tap systems that allow remote audio listening through the device's microphone. Using a mobile microphone jammer, you can stop any audio tapping operation.
Endoacustica offers various innovative solutions, like the Mobile microphone block, where participants need to place their mobiles inside it. It generates white noise that makes the audio transmission from the phone unusable.
Their silent acoustic noise generators can jam wireless and wired microphones. Their range of microphone speech jammers and acoustic white noise generators offers innovative solutions to speech privacy problems in an organization.

How Can you Protect Speech When on Move:

Sometimes when you have to travel outside for a meeting or meet a client in his conference room, if you are sharing sensitive information, you would not wish for it to be overheard. Most speech protector devices work within the installed room as it needs to be directly powered. 
Endoacustica has developed a portable speech protector device that has an anonymous device which does not arise suspicion. Further, this device can be powered by batteries as well as directly powered as it can be used as a stationary or mobile jammer.
Endoacustica offers a wide range of white noise generators, directive audio jammers, Omnidirectional audio jammer and other wide range of speech protection devices that can be used from a small boardroom to a large conference room. Their range of battery-operated portable jammers are also very discreet and handy.

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Frequently asked questions

The Audio Jammer blocks a large number of devices with microphones regardless of type: built-in smartphone voice recorders and wireless microphones.

At Endoacustica you can find a wide range of anti-recording devices able to Secure meeting rooms and conference rooms, masking sounds and keeps office conversations private. Let's give a look together to our speech protection systems in order to identify the anti-recording device which fits better with you and your privacy protection needs:

The laser microphone jammer is your best choice if you want to detect and jam laser microphones. It’s cheap, compact and, if needed, mobile. This device cloaks and blocks the laser demodulation transmitting the human voice through the glass of a window. The vibrators on the window glass will jam the signal transduction.

A microphone jammer is a device able to block any microphone used to record conversation, for instance a mobile phone microphone. We suggest using a CELL-SAFE. A device which may allow you to lock cellular microphones, avoiding any remote recording or listening. The microphone-block protection of CELL-SAFE, as this device is called, is a small desk case. It gets activated as the mobile phone is placed inside. This case is nothing but a Faraday cage to prevent mobile phones wiretapping devices, like gsm interceptor, from using the microphone of your mobile phone to hear what is said in the room where the concerning mobile phone is located.

A noise and interferences generators is a device able to prevents the operation of microphones on recorders, mobile phones and other similar devices. For instance the OMNI-JAM, is an high performances anti-recording device, has a 360 deg. operating range. Thanks to the microphone inhibiting signals emitted by the device, specifically randomized by a modular algorithm, people inside the operating area cannot be heard. In this way any kind of audio spying attempt is ineffective.

A bug-sweeping system might be effective in most cases. But, we cannot claim it to be 100% effective against eavesdropping. Whereas audio jammers can permanently disable or completely mask the sound that listening devices collect..

All eavesdropping devices may not be detectable, which is why using a white noise generator or an audio interference generated by a jammer in the room might be the safest bet.

On the contrary, they are incredibly silent, especially if you are using a high quality ultrasonic jammer that produces sounds only in the ultrasonic frequency, which is inaudible to human ears.