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Professional mini spy cam wifi, 4G, IP, UMTS

Professional wifi, 4G, IP, UMTS spy micro cameras. Our tiny spy camera , wireless, UMTS, 4G, and IP room monitoring, are suitable for all kinds of needs and are very easy to use. In order to use our 4G spy micro camera systems, all you have to do is, hide them in any place of the room you wish to keep under control, it will go unnoticed thanks to its extraordinary tiny size.

4G spy mini camera, the models available

Our wifi, UMTS, 4G, IP spy mini cameras, and wifi hidden spy cameras can be built inside a table lamp, multiple plugs, an electrical box, or any other device. Because of the continuous power supply, this concealment mode eliminates the need to recharge the batteries and ensures maximum performance.
Smaller and more powerful, the best and most professional wifi, UMTS, 4G, and IP – 4G spy micro-cameras – on the market in terms of dependability, completeness, and low price are listed below. Choose from among the best manufacturers in the world one of the wifi, UMTS, 4G, and IP – 4G spy micro cameras.

Professional wifi, 4G, IP, umts mini spy cameras

A wide range of Professional mini spy cameras wifi, 4G, IP, umts at our disposal


IP Wifi micro camera A/V module 720p

Easy to setup IP cameras. Allow user to configure Wi-Fi network, video setting, alarm setting, and micro SD card through Smartphone directly, without pc support...

Unlimited range audio/video 3G GSM UMTS bug

An audio/video miniaturized bug based on UMTS technology, which allows a good quality real time audio and video transmission with no range limits. The small...

Live streaming 3G, 4G WiFi, AP, Hotspot A/V micro camera

Falcon 4G it is a Video Audio transmitter based on 3G, 4G, WIFI, AP technology. Falcon 4G spy camera allows audio and video transmission in real time at unlimited range...

UMTS or WiFi/4G video bug in a wall clock

Apparently a normal wall clock, with all its standard functions, but builted in hides a UMTS or WiFi/4G video transmitter, with a highly sensitive sensor which allows...

UMTS audio/video bug in a desk lamp

Perfectly working desk lamp with an enclosed very sensitive umts audio/video transmitter and microphone. Power is supplied by the 220V mains......

UMTS audio/video bug in a PIR infrared sensor

Very sophisticated and professional 4G or UMTS hidden spy camera device which allows to discreetly monitor the room where it is installed. Best on the market...

UMTS audio/video bug in a smoke sensor detector

At first glance it looks just like an anti smoke detector, but at Endoacustica, we have turned this simple device into a powerful spy tool. In fact, within this smoke sensor...

4G WiFi LTE Full HD audio-video transmitter spy camera

The Micro AV 4G bug trasnmitter, equipped with built-in 4G modem and WiFi network, allows you to transmit audio and video at unlimited distance using data connection...

Micro spy cameras Custom concealment services

Endoacustica Europe offers the expertise of its technicians to provide a quickly and safely concealment spy camera service able to fully satisfy its customers....

4G spy mini cameras insights


3G/4G mini spy cameras transfer recorded images using a SIM card, allowing the camera to connect to the Internet. As a result, the hidden wifi camera can be used anywhere a mobile operator provides 3G/4G coverage.

A surveillance camera with less than 2 megapixels should not be purchased. Our minimum recommendation is a 1K surveillance camera with a resolution of 2 megapixels for small areas such as private homes and small businesses, and a 2K surveillance camera with a resolution of 4 megapixels for medium-sized areas, businesses, and sophisticated people's residences. These small hidden spy cameras and IP spy cameras carry an overall satisfactory resolution.

Each hour of recording requires 900 Mbytes of storage space.