A new surveillance camera can detect even sniper rifles

A new surveillance camera can detect even sniper rifles

New Surveillance Camera? When setting up defense and surveillance for protection of sensitive targets such as, for example, embassies, military installations or even any target which might represent a symbolic value for terrorists of any kind, one has to take into consideration not only immediate threats such as suicide bombers or bomb cars, but also the less visible and less immediate ones, such as the presence of persons in the area, who might photograph or shoot video footage of the area under surveillance, to prepare plans for a terrorist attack.

Protect such sites from this kind of non immediate threats is exactly what the long distance video new surveillance camera CS300K, manufactured by JET Project, was designed for.

How does the new surveillance camera work?

This surveillance camera works with the same principle of the “anti red eye” effected used by flashes of our common home photo cameras, but by projecting its beam at hundreds of meters of distance, in order to detect binoculars, photo or video cameras, or even the scope of a high precision sniper rifle; if set to maximum sensitivity, it can even see human eyes as a potential danger!

Thanks to it, it will be possible to integrate armed protection with an early warning system which gives the possibility to detect threats before it is too late, thanks to the combined action of laser beams and its proprietary software. By doing so, it will be possible to take action, either defensive or offensive, saving human lives or thwarting a terrorist attack.
This system marks the change from a purely defensive video surveillance to an active one.

Its manufacturers see a market potential for their CS300K camera not only with armies or military, but also with security agencies which protects high risk individuals such as diplomats or negotiators, always exposed to the threat of terrorist attacks due to their sensitive job.