For safety in the house, your stairs light up automatically

For safety in the house, your stairs light up automatically

Safety in the house? To reduce energy consumption and protect the environment, to add a touch of class in your house, or more simply (and much more importantly) to make sure that no one gets hurt while walking up or down your flight of stairs, especially during the night, the German design studio Interactive Furniture has just launched its latest project, a flight of automatically illuminated stairs.

How Are Self Lit Up Safety Stairs Used?

The system, called Stair Lights, is made up of LED lights which are turned on or switched off one at the time, showing you where to go by illuminating the steps while you are walking towards the upper or lower floor, and at the same time by switching off the light on the steps behind you.

Thanks to this, especially at night, the risk of stumbling or missing a step because of sleep, while you are walking downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of water, is significantly reduced. Furthermore, Self lit up safety stairs proves extremely useful not only to show you the way at night or to add a particular note to your furniture, but especially as a valuable support in houses inhabited by elderly people, or by visually impaired persons, who might have a hard time when walking at home, and find a priceless aid in the possibility of avoiding trouble when moving from one floor to the other.

The lighting system for your staircase works thanks to a laser beam, connected to an infrared transistor which works as a sensor; when the bean is interrupted, the LED light ahead of it is immediately turned on, and it is automatically switched off a few seconds after the beam returns to a continuous state.

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