Miniature video recorders new design for the latest

Miniature video recorders new design for the latest

Miniature video recorders have achieved a status of worldwide standard in this particular field, thanks to their extreme ease of use and to the trademark USB port which can be flipped (hence the name) and used to connect it to any PC to download its footage in a matter of seconds.

How the new design of miniature video recorders is helpful?

Now, to further improve its usability and allow its users to watch the videos shot even without a PC, Flip has just launched its latest model of miniature video recorders, called Slide HD.

As the name may suggest, Slide HD is equipped with a sliding screen, which can be tilted and placed at an angle to enjoy playback of your video if you do not have a laptop computer handy.
Because of its design, which makes it slightly thicker, its size is a tad bigger if compared to other Flip models, but still we are talking about a very small device which will not be heavy on your pockets.

Slide HD has an embedded memory capacity of 16 Gb, twice as much as other models, which allows it to store up to 4 hours of high definition video with a resolution of 1280×720 pixel, or up to 12 hours at a lower resolution rate, and can also be used as a portable drive to store not only movies, but music, pictures and documents, for a price of approximately 280 dollars.

When you want to download the recorded files on any computer, all you have to do is flip out the USB port and plug it in, and thanks to its proprietary software you will not need any installation to transfer files. Battery life is quite short (around 2 hours), which makes it advisable to have the battery charger on you just in case.

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