Electromagnetic fields, an invisible enemy

Electromagnetic fields, an invisible enemy

Electromagnetic fields? On any moment of our ordinary day, we do not immediately realize that we are continuously exposed to radiations which are highly dangerous for our health, and that come as electromagnetic fields. These invisible waves that fill the air are coming from everyday use objects, common objects we cannot live without because of our modern needs.

In the 21st century, we cannot imagine ourselves living a life without using a mobile phone, without a WiFi network to use Internet at home, or without microwave ovens to defrost our foods or cook a quick dinner, maybe while listening to some good music from the radio.

How electromagnetic fields causing health issues?

Well, all these devices we can no longer live without have a common characteristic: they all emit, in different quantities and frequencies, some electromagnetic fields (EMF) which, in the long run and with a continuous exposure, can seriously damage our health, for example by causing tumors on the central nervous system.

During the recent Radiation Research Trust meeting which took place a few weeks ago, a research showed that those who start using mobile phones during their teen age, have a 5 times higher probability of being affected by this type of cancer. In fact, the kids’ brain, during its years of final growth, is in a position of higher risk compared to an adult person’s brain when exposed to the fields generated by these devices.

The waves coming from FM or taxi radio equipment, or from TV, pose a relative threat, while the cellphones are ten times more dangerous, all the way up to the peak of EMF pollution that can affect those who are living near a military radar, a radio transmission station, or those who work inside these installations and are close to the source of radiation.

Those who really cannot live without their mobile phone, should at least try to send more text messages and make less calls, thus preventing their brain from being exposed to direct radiation.