Keep your home under control thanks to the video camera alarm clock

Keep your home under control thanks to the video camera alarm clock

Video Camera Alarm Clock? If you are afraid that during your absence someone might sneak inside your home and steal valuable items, or you have doubts about your spouse’s faithfulness, and you want to be reassured while you are far away, maybe on holiday on the other side of the globe, so that you can relax, sleep well and enjoy your well-deserved rest, now you have a solution to help you.

What at a first glance may look just like the ordinary clock that everyone has on their night table, is actually concealing a high resolution video camera on the inside, which turns this device into a real spy alarm clock, capable of recording images and sounds, and not only.

In fact, by connecting it through a WiFi router to your normal home wireless network, the video camera clock can transmit over the Internet the result of its job. In the same fashion, again over the Internet, through a simple control panel you can modify its settings according to your needs, adjusting the sensitivity levels and the activation sensor parameters.

How a video camera alarm clock is helpful?

In fact, the wireless video camera alarm clock is capable of getting started automatically, as soon as its sensor detects a movement or a sound in the room, and can immediately send its recordings online, where you can easily view them later; alternatively, you can choose to receive an immediate notification by email as soon as the video camera picks up some activity.

This way, in case of danger, you will be able to act immediately, and for example, if burglars entered your property, you could notify the police or a security provider, so that you can go back to enjoying your holiday or your business trip.