Alzheimer patients at home? Keep them under control via GPS

Alzheimer patients at home? Keep them under control via GPS

Those who live the unfortunate experience of having a loved one struck by Alzheimer, know how difficult it can be to live with the effects of this cunning disease, the holes in the memory, the lapses of reason and unconscious acts that it causes in the people it targets; these patients need attention and care around the clock, to prevent them, for example, from leaving home without being aware, finding themselves in trouble to find the way back.

Fortunately, technology comes to lend us a hand, with a monitoring system that, by using GPS positioning system, helps us to locate our misplaced loved ones within a few minutes, by precisely indicating their position thanks to some sort of monitoring bracelet or patient tracking device which uses GPS location to monitor its wearer’s position.

How patients can be controlled via Patient Tracking Device?

The GPS locator is connected to a main unit and, as soon as the patient exceeds a preset maximum distance, the unit would immediately send an alert and indicate his position, giving you the time to intervene and avoid further problems. The maximum distance can be set at different levels, according to the patient’s condition: the better their state, the more freedom of movement he or she will have.

The Trusty Bip system allows you to monitor up to 40 patients at the same time, and therefore can be used inside a hospital or treatment center, especially if there is a park where the patients may inadvertently run into trouble finding the way back to their rooms. Aside from being useful for daily care, it gives the opportunity to live with the disease in a more relaxed way, making life easier both for the patients and for those who take care about them, be it nurses, doctors or family members.

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