A powerboat or a submarine? Both of them!

A powerboat or a submarine? Both of them!

Powerboat? For coast guard police forces which might want to add one more valuable tool to their patrolling operations, for leisure and touristic excursions, for submarine scientific research, or even for those who have money to spend and can’t choose between a motorboat or a submarine, the solutions come as a hybrid between the two, called Hyper Sub.

What is a advanced hybrid powerboat?

We are talking about a hybrid powerboat vehicle which, on the surface of the sea, can reach a maximum speed of 40 knots with an operating range of over 500 nautical miles, and it is also capable of diving underwater all the way down to 250 meters of depth, while carrying 4 passengers plus pilot.
The inside can be configured according to a wide range of possible options, ranging from leisure use (for excursions and diving tours), to scientific research and much more.

For this reason, Hyper-Sub, manufactured in Florida by Marion is a hybrid powerboat will be available in three different models, with different configurations depending on how it is going to be used. When on the surface, it is powered by a twin diesel engine, while under the water, it uses a rechargeable electric engine which can keep it submersed for up to 20 hours depending on the diving speed.

Thanks to its completely transparent canopy, in its Sport configuration, this vehicle is perfect for touristic or leisurely purposes. Other configurations, with a normal non-transparent top, make it more suitable to be used for scientific or surveillance reasons. This difference is also enhanced by the seating, more luxurious and comfortable in the Sport version.

Those who wish to know its price tag, though, will have to white, since at the moment, Marion has not yet started production and sale to the general public of its Hyper Sub.