Online privacy is no more

Online privacy is no more

Online Privacy? Just in case no one has noticed it yet, nowadays all our online activities are under control, and can be analyzed and thoroughly inspected anytime, with the all-seasons excuse of not better specified “national security reasons” which, especially in the US, allow the government to temporarily keep aside its citizens’ personal freedom, scrutinizing their behaviors, habits and online acquaintances to keep them under surveillance.

In practice, the US Government is capable of unbinding all the legal ties that do not allow it to gather information on its citizens, and thanks to this it has set up Project Vigilant, a group of some sort of electronic cops which operate in absolute secrecy, without having to abide by the laws governing privacy protection and freedom of information.

How Online Privacy is being disturbed by Project Vigilant?

This group is made up of approximately 500 experts in data security and electronic surveillance, coming from the top roster in names such as Department of Justice, New York Stock Exchange and the like; these guys exploit holes in Internet contract legislation to monitor our every online step.

Project Vigilant is just another example of how the US Government has absolutely no qualms in sticking their nose into online privacy of honest citizens’ private business, when it comes to preserving and protecting national security; privacy laws are at best bent according to their needs, and blatantly ignored at worst.

And if someone thinks that the Obama administration has dramatically changed direction in comparison with George W.’s times, well they are tragically wrong, as this nosy attitude has actually gotten worse, and all your online activities, the pages you visit, your Facebook posts, the emails you sent and your purchase information are out there to see for anyone wishing to take a look.

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