Hidden miniature video cameras

Hidden miniature video cameras

Hidden miniature cameras? Spy movies, for example those inspired by Ian Fleming’s novels featuring James Bond as main character, have brought on the big screen so many strange devices, sometimes so ingenious that they looked impossible, such as video or photo cameras hidden, just to name one, inside a pen or so.

What looked just like a move exaggeration is now reality, thanks to the increasing level of miniaturization of audio and video systems and of digital storage supports where our recordings can be saved. Thanks to this, finding on the video surveillance market items such as hidden micro cameras concealed into objects we use every day is now nice and easy, available to everyone and quite on the cheap side.

For example, along with devices such as these hidden miniature cameras that would look great in a James Bond movie, such as a micro camera concealed on the inside of a pen, or a perfectly functioning watch which hides a video recorder with the requisite viewer and miniature microphone to record audio and video tracks, or a camera conveniently hidden inside the buckle of a stylish belt, we can also find devices that join together different kinds of technologies to deliver a perfect result for your video surveillance needs.

This is the case, for example, with ear video cameras and hidden miniature cameras, that is, something that at first glance would look like a normal pair of headphones to connect to your MP3 player, but which inside one of the earpieces conceals a miniature video camera, and in the other one an equally small microphone, that you can use to shoot video footage… with your ears!

Or who could ever think that inside a normal alarm clock one can find a real video surveillance set, capable not only to record images around it, but also to transmit them remotely over the Internet?

How hidden miniature  cameras work?

Thanks to it, at any time, no matter where you are, all you need is switch on your computer and connect to the Net to see “live” what happens inside your home or your office, giving you the opportunity of exposing an unfaithful spouse in real time, or maybe of making sure that your colleagues or employees do not take advantage of your absence to run some other business or just waste their time.

Even a pair of sunglasses can turn into a hidden miniature video camera, allowing you to record video footage in real time while the people around you are totally unaware of what’s going on; a perfect tool not only for candid camera-type leisure videos, but also for police operations aimed at gathering evidence to be used to prove a dangerous criminal guilty.

In a few words, the opportunities to shoot video footage in a discreet way are basically limitless, and professional type devices are available even for the lowest of budgets. The only limit (according to the type of usage, be it professional or leisurely) is your fantasy!