A necklace or a hidden video camera?

A necklace or a hidden video camera?

As men, we know how our women love to be always well dressed and accurate up to the smallest detail of their style, and how everything must be in harmony, from shoes to hairstyle, from shirt to necklace.

What we might not know, instead, is that what apparently looks like a simple and normal necklace, just another feminine detail, is actually concealing a miniature hidden video camera capable of recording movements and sounds around it thanks to its needle viewer, without having anyone notice what is really going on.

How the necklace hidden video camera works?

The trinket hanging from this leading camera necklace works just like a real hidden camera, and its quick audio and video recording function can be started by simply pressing a button, with a simple and apparently casual gesture like twirling the necklace between fingers.

At that point, recording is started with a 640×480 pixel resolution for videos, and 1280×960 for photo stills, a viewing angle of 65 degrees and normal operation even in low lighting condition with a sensitivity of 1 Lux.

This camera hidden inside a necklace can shoot up to 8 Gb of footage, which is stored on a replaceable Micro SD card housed inside the pendant. Once the recording is over, downloading it on your computer is a matter of a few seconds, thanks to the embedded USB connection plug, with no need to install any driver or management software.

As we know, women’s seduction weapons never fail, but those who have something to hide may have to be a little extra careful when dealing with other weapons supplied by technology!

For more information on operation and prices of this advanced hidden video camera, we suggest that you visit the Endoacustica website.