Google is purchasing a drone. What do they have in mind?

Google is purchasing a drone. What do they have in mind?

According to some German newspapers, Google recently went shopping in Germany, and Google purchasing drones to be more precise in the small town of Buchen, siege of Microdrones GmbH, a factory which, as the name may suggest, produces drones, or more specifically, miniature quadricopters.

Microdrones’ quadricopters are devices which, in spite of their small size, have a $60K price tag, and that can host an array of equipment for photography, video, geographical or scientific measurements, for a range of possible application which can go from aerial video surveillance, to scientific missions and terrain monitoring.

The purchase of one of these advanced drones by a giant like Google, according to unconfirmed rumors, seems to be a move in this exact direction, and although the Mountain View multinational has not released any official comment (or any comment whatsoever) about it, the Microdrones president has declared that this could mark the beginning of a fruitful cooperation between the two parties.

Why Google Purchasing drones is a reality?

According to some in the know, Google is studying the release of a “live” version of Google Earth, which would allow its users to see what is going on in specific corners of the Earth, and to see it in real time.

For aerial surveillance enthusiasts this looks like great news, but it might as well be great news for criminals and terrorists; on the contrary, fighters for the right to privacy at all costs might see it as one more step towards that Big Brother which from the pages of George Orwell’s book, is slowly but steadily making its way into everyone’s everyday life.

In any case, it’s only rumors so far, the only sure thing is that Google purchased a drone, to know how thy will actually use it, all we have to do is wait!

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